Sustainable concept
The meaning of sustainable planning and construction
Our resources are limited. The undeveloped space in the city will not increase out of thin air. Cities in the world emit large amounts of harmful gases that harm our climate every day. And it is becoming more and more difficult to offset the ecological pressure caused by the increasing number of cars on a global scale. The unrestricted expansion of land development, the impact of building materials, functional layout, and thermal insulation on the energy-saving effect are all concerns of architectural design and urban planning. The sustainability of buildings can be achieved through the development and use of renewable energy and green building materials, the establishment of passive building standards, and the optimization of building layout.

The Five Finger Principle

In order to commit to the realization of the sustainable building concept,
We founded"Five Finger Principle":

  • The relationship between human beings and nature has a direct impact on the quality of people’s life and existence in this world. Consequently, the use of environmentally friendly materials in conjunction with modern building technology is crucial for gaining an economic value.

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  • People can only benefit from sustainable architecture if it’s affordable. Out task is to find appropriate solutions that fit the job according to a given budget. Simple solutions are technically suitable, not only they’re cheaper but also they fit in every project and cut out the unnecessary.

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  • The will to design has nothing to do with market opportunities – it’s a matter of conviction.

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  • Architecture and building are not just about arranging a pile of blocks. The real task is to create an environment where people feel pleasant to live, work and communicate. Sustainable urban planning meets the needs of aspects of human dignity such as the need for a safe and secure environment, public meeting and communication facilities.

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  • Only if the result is rewarding, people are ready to go beyond familiar structures and enter new terrain to try out new things. We need to be dedicated. Everyone needs to be dedicated. Only then people will be able to achieve greater goals.

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  • Freiburg

    Since Freiburg was selected as Germany's "Environmental Capital" in 1992, the green city of Freiburg is world-renowned, and it is also regarded as a model by many cities and is vying to follow suit.

    • 2022 National nearly-zero energy Building Frey ·Noble Age was completed and delivered
    • 2021 Projects were broadcast on CCTV's"Focus Interview" as demonstration projects
    • 2020 Taicang Zhihui Valley Project won the first place in the public bidding
    • 2016 "Heidelberg Town"won the "2016 World's Most Outstanding Passive House"Global Award
    • 2014 Freiburg Smart Green Tower Project Announcement
    • 2012 Freiburg won the German Sustainability Award
    • 2010 Invited to participate in Shanghai World Expo
    • 2000 The first "Inter Solar" Solar Energy Expo was held
    • 1990 Participated in the construction of the eco-city Vauban
    • 1981 Participated in the planning of one of the largest sustainable urban districts-Rieselfield 
    • 1959 The Group was founded to open up the dream of green and low-carbon buildings


    Freiburg takes advantage of its unique geographical advantages to actively promote the development and utilization of renewable energy, especially the research and application of solar energy

    Today, in an environment of global warming, natural resources are still being exploited arbitrarily, and social and economic conflicts continue to increase. Sustainable architecture can make its unique contribution to maintaining social stability.From the perspective of sustainability, we should consider as many factors as possible, such as rational use and optimization of energy. In addition, we also pay attention to the economic and social aspects of real estate development. Only by considering all factors can lasting impact be achieved.


    In 2010, the German Freiburg Group represented Freiburg to participate in the Shanghai World Expo, demonstrating the group's sustainable architecture and urban planning concepts. Its "ecological wooden house" project won the "Sustainable Architecture and Urban Development Best Case Award".

    Mr. Wolfgang Frey puts forward the "Five Finger Principle" by summarizing his sustainable practical experience, namely: Ecological,Affordable,Innovative,Integrative and Profitable.With his five finger principle, Frey demonstrates the necessity of taking a holistic approach to socially and ecologically sustainable urban development.