Germany-based Frey Group attended the SIGA Global Building Airtightness Summit 2019

Germany-based Frey Group attended the  SIGA Global Building Airtightness Summit 2019

From January 10th to 11th, 2019, Frey Group was invited to participate in the Global Airtightness Academy held by SIGA in Ruswil, Switzerland.

The summit attracted more than 80 experts and industry stakeholders from all over the world.

  • Conference name
  • SIGA Global Building Airtightness Summit 2019
  • Meeting Time
  • 17.01.2019
  • Meeting place
  • Switzland

The SIGA Group of Switzerland was established in 1966 and has become a leading global company in the field of building airtightness.

Committed to the mechanization of environmentally-friendly air-tight products, SIGA strives to develop new research fields and to contribute to the promotion of energy-efficient buildings.

Although the time of the summit was short, the content of the visit was very substantial, and the scene was packed. After a brief speech by Mr. Patrick, CEO of SIGA Group, Mr. Xuanying Peng, Technical Director of China, gave a detailed introduction to building airtightness and related regulations.

In the following practice, we have studied the air tightness solution and application of wood structure building in detail and have personally participated in the bonding of air tightness tape on the building parts, such as the specific operation of air tightness treatment of doors and windows and wall-penetrating pipes.

The summit invited Professor Feist, the father of Passive House, to give a keynote speech on 'Reliable Airtightness - Prerequisites for Any Energy-Efficient Building' for the participants, setting out the importance of and decisiveness of airtightness for energy-efficient buildings, as well as the airtightness requirements of passive buildings, the handling of airtightness measures in different parts, and the introduction of airtightness safety monitoring, etc.

In Siga’s R&D Department, laboratory and Production workshop, Siga, chief representative of China, Mr. Zhang Peng took you through more practical interaction links, different humidity temperature and aging conditions of the adhesion performance of the air-tight tape testing, wind valve test results analysis exercises, etc., to deepen the understanding of airtightness in the actual project application, As well as professional air tightness tape in the construction of the details of the treatment and so on.


In SIGA's R&D department, laboratory and production workshop, Mr. Zhang Peng, the chief representative of SIGA China, took everyone to experience more practical interactions, such as the test for adhesive (bonding) performance of airtight tape under different humidity, temperature and aging conditions; the analysis of the test results have contributed in deepening the understanding of airtightness in practical project application, as well as the details of the professional airtightness tape in construction practice.

After the compact meeting and training content, SIGA invited the Frey Group and the construction firms from Spain and North America to do special presentations. Ms. Duan Zhilan, Project, Program Director of Frey Group, briefed the representatives about the passive house project of the Group in China as well as the Group’s passive house demonstration residential project as the first German-developed project in China of its kind. The report received a high level of attention, with many participants speaking highly of the group's projects and expressing their willingness to further cooperation.