Wolfgang Frey inspects construction site of Frey · Dejian Gongyuan

 Wolfgang Frey inspects construction site of Frey · Dejian Gongyuan

On April 1st, 2019, Mr. Wolfgang Frey, Chairman of Frey Group, visited Qingdao Sino-German Ecopark and inspected construction site of Frey · Dejian Gongyuan, which is the first passive house demonstration community invested by our group in China. 

  • Conference name
  • construction site of Frey · Dejian Gongyuan
  • Meeting Time
  • 05.04.2019
  • Meeting place
  • Qingdao ,China

Together with Ms. Wang Jiakun, partner of Frey Architekten Group&CEO of Greater China, Mr.Hu Jianyong, Chairman of Qingdao Depu Construction Development Co.,Ltd. as well as Vice President of Qingdao Depu Construction Development Co.,Ltd. Mr.Wang Weimin, the group first handedly summarized and reported on the project during the excursion.

Arriving at the construction site, Mr. Frey firstly emphasized that construction safety is top priority pointing out the relevant matters that need to be paid attentionto . Examining the construction quality in person Mr.Frey quided the group through the relevant details such as the flatness of the outside walls, the thickness of the floor slab, the accuracy degree of windows etc.

When inspecting the underground waterproof layer of the project building ,Mr. Frey particularly emphasized that according to the standard of the German Passive House Institute PHI, the minimum height of the underground waterproof layer is 30cm . With the waterproof layer of Frey ·Dejian Gongyuan Construction aiming at least 10cm higher than the German standards the building's perfect waterproof function rests assured and guarantees both safety and comfort of the homeowner's life. 

In the show room of the passive house project Mr. Frey then pointed out that in order to ensure the key indicator of passive building——air tightness, the important nodes of the project construction require isolation measure on the thermal bridge of the building . The constant temperature of passive buildings is guaranteed throught the investment in this optimization measure, and efforts are made to create a healthy and comfortable living environment for future owners . 

Ultimately , Mr. Frey carefully interpreted the passive sustainable living design concept to the participants. Many details of the construction in model houses, such as the fineness and width of the building wall ,do not only reflect the delicate and meticulous work of the passive house , but also ensure the beauty and practicality of daily life; 

for instance , the reason why the glass railing of the semi-closed walk-in balcony is left a 6cm gap underneath is because of ensuring the safety of children. Mr. Frey also suggested placing flowers and plants at the entrance to the model room to create a lively atmosphere in spring and summer, presenting a vibrant scene in the passive room. 

After the on-site inspection of the construction site, the general contractor, supervision unit and the relevant person in charge of the team of Frey·Dejian Gongyuan project conducted a work report underlining the problems and lessons learned so far -afterwards they then obtained Mr.Frey 's detailed guidance which laid a good foundation for the subsequent high quality construction.

As a pioneer in the domain of energy efficiency in buildings , Mr.Frey introduced the unique ideas , practical achievements and rich experience of Frey Group in the field of green energy-saving buildings in China and Germany expressing recognition and support for the Frey·Dejian Gongyuan project. 

With this project being the first passive house construction works of Frey Group in China ,not only the innovation of Chinese residential conception is being expressed, but also brings new elements to urban life. It shows the future trends of passive architecture with Chinese characteristics in a new context and in the beginning of a new era. Frey Group is very honored to contribute to the development of passive house in China ,to achieve a healthier and more comfortable living space being environmentally friendly and in harmony with nature.