International Academic Exchange – Wolfgang Frey lectures on sustainable planning at King’s College

International Academic Exchange – Wolfgang Frey lectures on sustainable planning at King’s College

At the invitation of King's College, London, Mr. Frey gave a lecture on 'Community Co-Design and Sustainable Urban Neighborhoods' in front of the schools’ graduates and alumni on February 25, 2019.

  • Conference name
  • King's College
  • Meeting Time
  • 25.02.2019
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  • London

Forming one of the most prestigious elite schools in the world, King's College London is one of the founding schools of the University of London and was established in the year of 1829 by King George IV and the Duke of Wellington on the banks of the River Thames in London. To date, it has spawned many Nobel laureates, political statesmen and business celebrities in and around the UK.

During his speech, Mr. Frey briefly outlined the development of the Frey Group in Germany and then continued into the ecological theory of his own established five-finger principle. In his remarks he pointed out that, with the urgent necessity to improve environmental protection in the world, the concept of sustainable development has attracted more and more attention.

Regarded from the perspective of the construction industry, he argued, the efficient use of land and ecological protection, and the use of energy-efficient buildings, have increasingly gained importance in the promotion and development of green and low-carbon buildings.

In a next step, Mr. Frey then introduced to the students the green ecological building design project, 

which was planned and put into action by the Frey Group in Europe and worldwide. Through specific planning and design cases, the students were then presented with the most advanced ecological planning concepts and energy-saving technologies in the construction industry.

Here, Mr Frey emphasized great importance to the inheritance and continuous development of the concept of sustainable development. Being confident and having great hope for the younger generations of our time he urged to pay more attention to ecological environmental protection and to continuously implement concepts of sustainability.

The students expressed their deep encouragement and appreciation for the strong sense of social responsibility and environmental protection that exists within the Frey Group. Furthermore, the importance of promoting sustainable development was underlined by the audience and current problems and difficulties to implement ecological environmental protection were openly discussed in the then following Q&A.