The Second Passive House Asia Conference in Tokyo

The Second Passive House Asia Conference in Tokyo

The Second Passive House Asia Conference was successfully held in Tokyo, Japan on 25 August 2017. 

  • Conference name
  • The Second Passive House Asia Conference
  • Meeting Time
  • 25.08.2017
  • Meeting place
  • Tokyo, Japan

After the First Passive House Asia Conference held in Qingdao in 2016, this is another grand meeting of passive house industry in Asia. Representatives from different countries and regions attended the conference, including China, Korea, and Japan. Ms. Jiakun Wang (Frey Group – WFP Architekten, Partner and China Regional Director) and Mr. Sven Ring (Frey Group – WFP Architekten, China Regional Technical Director) were invited as special guests attend this conference, and Mr. Ring made a presentation entitled “The Designing Concepts and Construction Challenges in the Experience Center of Qingdao Passive House”.

The theme of this conference is “the Development Path of Passive House in Hot and Humid Area in Asia”. Dr. Jürgen Schnieders from the Passive House Institute (PHI) Germany was invited to attend the conference. Dr. Jürgen Schnieders is an expert in summer climate and passive house design, and he is mainly in charge of research and calculation of cooling and dehumidifying. During this conference, Dr. Jürgen Schnieders made a speech on “Passive House in Hot and Humid Area”, which explicitly introduced the technology roadmap, the study of control indicators and the database design of energy consumption calculation software for passive house in hot and humid area at PHI. The speech not only provided a significant reference and guidance for the promotion of passive house in hot and humid climate area, but also started the prologue of the conference.

Mr. Zhengjie Yu, Deputy General Manager of Sino - German United Group Co., Ltd and President of Qingdao Passive House Engineering & Technology Co., Ltd, representing Qingdao Sino-German Ecopark and China Passive Building Alliance (CPBA), was invited as special guest to give a congratulatory address for the conference. In the following speech,

 he introduced the recent rapid development of Passive House in China, as well as the achievements in passive house industry of Sino-German Ecopark, focusing on the technology system and practical experience in dealing with heat and moisture from projects of Qingdao, Xiamen, Qinhuangdao and other regions in China. Mr. Zhiyong Xu, Honorary Secretary-General of Passive House Alliance of China (PHAChina), gave a talk on the theme “The Current Development and Prospects of Passive Building in China”.

Other passive house experts from China, Japan and Korea had also made speeches on the theme of the conference. They discussed together about issues on passive building in different regions for seeking an ideal solution to passive house design in hot and humid climate in Asia.

After the conference, at the reception in the Bunyukaku building, Tokyo, Japan, Dr. Schnieders said that he was very glad to see the communication in the field of passive house among experts and researchers from China, Japan and Korea, and the efforts they had made to cope with the world’s biggest challenge - global warming.

Up to this point, the Second Passive House Asia Conference came to a successful conclusion. This conference had a profound influence on the promotion of passive houses in Asia and the mitigation of pressure on energy and environment. It is also of great significance to the designing and practicing of passive houses in Asia, especially in hot and humid climate area, as well as to energy saving and life quality improvement. The Third Passive House Asia Conference will be held in South Korea in 2018.