The Heidelberg Passive House Conference ended successfully

The Heidelberg Passive House Conference ended successfully

On May 3-4 2019, as the warming up of the Gaobeidian International Passive House Conference in October of the same year, a special passive house conference was held in Heidelberg, Germany. Many academic experts from all over the world gathered together to present a wonderful academic feast.

  • Conference name
  • The Heidelberg Passive House Conference
  • Meeting Time
  • 06.05.2019
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The total schedule of this Heidelberg Passive House Conference is 3 days: May 3-4, the main forum of the conference and other various sub-forums, mainly for experts’ speech of passive house, passive house academic exchanges, different themes of Workshop and the latest special techniques, tested products exhibitions, etc. On May 5th, is a visiting day of the substantial passive house demonstration project organized by the Passive House Institute.


Mr. Frey, Chairman of Frey Group-WFP Architekten, was invited to serve as a member of the Advisory Board of the conference and gave a wonderful speech on the theme of “Summer Comfort of Passive House”.

Due to the design characteristics of the passive building, the theme of its summer comfort has been highly concerned and controversial. Mr. Frey presented some successful cases of the group from the application and effect of different types of shading measures in passive architectural design, the thermal insulation of insulation, the main contradiction analysis of modern building energy consumption in summer, the cooling capacity of multi-functional building components, etc. 

to emphasize that passive buildings still maintain the comfort that people expect in the summer ,

 but at the same time the design of passive houses must specifically consider the needs of different climatic zones and adapt to local conditions. This wonderful speech has also attracted wide attention and approval from professionals.

On May 5th, the conference immediately organized a field trip to the town of Heidelberg, a passive house representative project of Frey Group.The “Heidelberg Village” project is located at the core position of Bahnstadt in Heidelberg, the largest passive house residential district in the whole world. The project integrated innovative sustainable design concepts as well as proposed a creative operation and management mode to reach the demands of different users ultimately to achieve sustainable development of environment and society. As the group's newly built passive building demonstration project, it won the Global Award ”World Top Passive House Design” in 2016.
On the same day, Mr. Frey guided professionals from all over the world to visit the site and explained the experience of the construction and application technology features. The members of the delegation expressed their interest and fully affirmed the representative significance of the project.

Frey Group has always kept its beginning mind on the road of promoting passive house. Let us look forward to the next 4th Qingdao Asian Passive House Conference and the Frey Group will reunite with you in Qingdao.