Wolfgang Frey joins the 24th International Passive House Conference

Wolfgang Frey joins the 24th International Passive House Conference

Taking place fully online for the very first time due to the ongoing Corona pandemics, Wolfgang Frey, President of the Frey Group, gave a poster lecture at the 24th International Passive House Conference on the topic of “Thermal comfort in summer” as held in the 10th section on “Summer comfort and resilience” forum.

  • Conference name
  • the 24th International Passive House Conference
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  • 08.10.2020
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During the last 25 years passive building has spread throughout the world covering many different climate zones. Originally developed for areas lying within the temperate Central European climate, passive house planners nowadays are facing challenges in climate zones with increased cooling loads and higher humidity during summer times. Due to the ongoing climate change and the effects of so-called urban heat islands, planners everywhere need to develop cooling and dehumidifying strategies. An intelligent, cost-saving construction is an important step towards minimizing the heat input in summer and makes a significant contribution to summer comfort. 


Fixed and movable shades are an effective means of reducing heat loads and thus protecting the interior from overheating. In combination with solar panels, we can further reduce the building's impact on the environment.

Passive building is a valuable asset and contribution in our fight against climate change. It offers tailor-made solutions for different climate zones and living conditions. In addition to the state-of-the-art technology, it is above all intelligently organized floor plans and structural shading that ensure a pleasant room climate. The here depicted projects show that economical construction, energy efficiency and urban living comfort go hand in hand smoothly.