The 2nd Hubei Garden Expo

The 2nd Hubei Garden Expo

On the morning of September 28, 2019, the 2nd Hubei Provincial Garden Expo was grandly opened in Jingzhou. 

  • Conference name
  • Garden Expo
  • Meeting Time
  • 28.09.2019
  • Meeting place
  • Hubei, China

On the morning of September 28, 2019, the 2nd Hubei Provincial Garden Expo was grandly opened in Jingzhou. Ms. Wang Jiakun, partner of German Frey Group-WFP Architekten and President of China Region, and her team attended the opening ceremony of the 2nd Jingzhou Garden Expo

The opening ceremony of the Garden Expo, with 'ecology' as the core, conveys the core development concept of 'ecological prosperity leads to civilization prosperity'.

This year's Garden Expo has carefully arranged and built 45 exhibition gardens for everyone, including 11 exhibition gardens in counties and urban areas. There are also 17 garden works exhibition gardens in the Garden Expo, with the theme of 'Chu Art', mainly focusing on the new concepts, new materials, new technologies and new craftsmanship of gardening, to create a garden art demonstration area.

The Sino-German Sino-French Positive Energy House Ecological Function Pavilion,

 jointly designed and constructed by the China Eco-City Academy (CECA) and the German Frey Group-WFP Architekten, has added a full scientific and technological charm to the Garden Expo.

Wan Yong, vice governor of Hubei Province, and other provincial and municipal leaders visited the Sino-German Ecological Pavilion for on-site guidance, discussed with the R&D team in-depth the design and construction technology of the positive energy house building, and affirmed the demonstration and promotion value of the prefabricated positive energy house.

The Sino-German and Sino-French Ecological Pavilion projects are respectively located in the Sino-German and Sino-French Ecological Park, the Friendship City Park of the Garden Expo, as the supporting service buildings in the park. Both pavilions will focus on embodying the characteristics of European green and energy-saving buildings, adopting a prefabricated building technology system, fully respecting the elements of urban environmental space, and displaying the architectural and