Commercial space = dull land consumption? There is another way!

Commercial space = dull land consumption? There is another way!

Architect Wolfgang Frey informs about innovative, ecological and future-oriented approaches for the development of the commercial area Hasenstock.

  • Conference name
  • Straubenhardt urban development seminar
  • Meeting Time
  • 10.05.2023
  • Meeting place
  • Straubenhardt, Germany

How will the community of Straubenhardt develop in the coming years? In times of limited building development areas, the at first glance unusual but undoubtedly visionary approaches of the Freiburg-based architecture firm Frey offer the possibility to rethink future building area developments together with aspects such as diversity of use, sustainability and multifunctionality. Mayor Helge Viehweg does not want to support a simple 'carry on like this' with regard to land consumption in the development of new building areas as in the past.

Last Monday, about 40 interested citizens and some local councillors met in the training room of the new fire station for a first exchange. Wolfgang Frey, owner of the architectural office of the same name, presented in an almost two-hour information event his conceptual ideas regarding the development of the Hasenstock commercial area near Villa Kling. This envisages, among other things, a combination of 'underground' factory buildings and above-ground residential use. Offices and social facilities could also be built in this area.