The 8th China Passive Building Forum

The 8th China Passive Building Forum

The 8th China Passive Building Development Summit Forum was held in Shanghai on October 26, 2023. 

  • Conference name
  • The 8th China Passive Building Forum
  • Meeting Time
  • 26.10.2023
  • Meeting place
  • Shanghai, China

This forum consisted of two main parts: the main forum and sub-forums. The main forum's theme centered around 'Zero Carbon Leadership Empowering the Future,' aiming to delve deep into green development strategies for urban and rural construction, green low-carbon technology practices, and the transition and upgrade to green energy. Experts and scholars shared their experiences and insights in the field of ultra-low-energy buildings, providing recommendations for industry development and technical support for the construction of green eco-cities.

The sub-forums covered two key themes: green development strategies for urban and rural construction and green low-carbon technology practices. Among these, Mr. Wolfgang Frey, Chairman of the Frey Group, Germany, delivered a keynote speech in the sub-forum on green low-carbon technology practices titled 'Passive Building Development in the Context of Global Climate Change.' The speech focused on the global climate crisis, highlighting the construction industry as a major energy consumer and emphasizing the crucial role of passive buildings in addressing the challenges of climate change. Through case studies like the Qingdao Ecological Park Intelligent Green Tower and the German Porsche Zero Carbon Industrial Park, the speech explored how passive buildings can be an innovative solution to cooling needs in the face of climate change, improving energy efficiency, reducing carbon emissions, and providing a comfortable working and living environment for occupants.

Another highlight was a roundtable discussion under the theme 'New Opportunities for Shared Development - Exploring the Path of Green Low-Carbon Retrofit of Existing Buildings.' This discussion was moderated by Xu Zhiyong, the Honorary Secretary-General of the Passive Building Special Committee. During the dialogue, experts shared their insights and experiences in the field of green low-carbon retrofit, including research and development of vacuum glass technology, energy-saving retrofit of existing buildings in the Jiangsu region, coordination of public building energy reduction and health and comfort, upgrades to digital management platforms, the application and market promotion of photovoltaics in retrofitting existing buildings, and the improvement of residential environments in fifth-generation buildings through micro-ecological environments. Experts collectively discussed sustainable building development, providing new opportunities for a green future.

The 8th China Passive Building Development Summit Forum provided strong support and guidance for the sustainable development of urban and rural construction in China and created an important platform for cooperation and development in the global green low-carbon building sector. The outcomes and consensus of this forum offer valuable references and guidance for urban development and energy consumption in China and worldwide, promoting passive buildings as a green model for the future.