Japnese Delegation in Freiburg

Japnese Delegation in Freiburg

The Federal Ministry for the Economy and Energy, in cooperation with the economic development company of the state of Baden-Württemberg International, organized a mission of Japanese decision-makers from the fields of economics, politics and administration.

  • Conference name
  • Japnese Delegation
  • Meeting Time
  • 03.12.2015
  • Meeting place
  • Freiburg, Deutschland

The aim of the trip is the market preparation for the sales of German products and services in Japan in the field of energy efficiency in buildings.

Wolfgang Frey of Frey Architects Group received the Japanese delegation on 12/3/2015 in Freiburg-Rieselfeld and gave an insight into the five-fingers principle. During a lecture and a subsequent tour, the “The Woodhouse” was presented inter alia.