Qianshan Riverbank Ecological Culturepark is coming

Qianshan Riverbank Ecological Culturepark is coming

Qianshan Riverbank Green Architecture Demo Zone is created by the Zhuhai Government with cooperation of Frey Architekten and is initiated as the first project of the Sino-European Low-Carbon Eco Partnership Program.

  • Conference name
  • Qianshan Riverbank Ecological Culturepark
  • Meeting Time
  • 09.01.2016
  • Meeting place
  • Zhuhai, China

As a platform of interdisciplinary cooperation in urbanization set up in line with the political proposal to build Sino-European partnership in this regard, this program gains support from both governments and aims to promote the low-carbon urban development in China through communication and cooperation between experts in different fields concerning urbanization from both sides.

Covering 8.6 hectares, the 1.4 km green demo zone with the name “Qianhelulang” is located on the east bank of Qianshan River in Xiangzhou district. In this program, Frey Architekten implemented an overall building strategy, that is, to introduce European concepts, to fulfill public needs, to provide ecological demonstration.

The area is renovated into a cultural and living space for the citizens with multifariously functional sections: walkways above the water, ecological water purification zone, windmills on the bank, interactive photovoltaic ground, membrane-structured sun shades, greening on the facades of buildings, photovoltaic panels, water source heat pump, waterfront stage, art corridor, skating square, etc. The further east bank of Qianshan River will integrate stereoscopic near-water landscape, interactive art corridors and ecologically demonstrative green buildings, rendering itself as a manifestation of low-carbon ecological development in Zhuhai as well as in China.

Characteristics of the green demo zone include:

Functional layout

Drawing inspirations from the public space design of several European waterfront cities, the planning includes an ecological sport area, 

artistic communication area and community entertainment area, all of which forms a domestically advanced public space for citizens.

Landscape organization 

The project changes the current monotonous linear space and integrates transportation, landscape and lighting system, to create a diversified multi-dimensional urban landscape. 

Near-water atmosphere

The project demolishes the existing solid riverbank, introduces ecological water purification demonstration zone, sets up grass slopes and provides a number of waterfront platforms, thus creating not only geographical as well as psychological water-nearness. 

Image of the city

The project reevaluates all existing buildings in the concerning area and renovates them according to their own functions with green building technologies, qualifying them to meet corresponding levels of the passive house standards laid down by the Passive House Institute, Germany. Thirteen buildings as a whole will become an important green building demonstration base in South China, thanks to the application of various energy-saving building technologies and the concentration of energy-saving effects. Located in one of the two Sino-European Low-Carbon Eco Partnership Demo cities Zhuhai, this project involves the most fields compared to any other comparable project in this city, such as clear energy, green building, green transportation, water resources & water system management and urban renovation