Frey Architekten Group at the 8th German-Chinese Forum

Frey Architekten Group at the 8th German-Chinese Forum

On June 28, 2016, the 8th Sino-German Forum for Economical and Technological Cooperation co-organized by National Development and Reform Commission and German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy is held in Beijing. 

  • Conference name
  • the 8th Sino-German Forum
  • Meeting Time
  • 28.06.2016
  • Meeting place
  • Beijing, China

 The Chinese Premier Li Keqiang and the German Chancellor Angela Merkel attended the forum and gave speeches. Frey Architekten Group participated in the forum representing German enterprises, at the invitation of the chancellor’s office. Near 800 representatives from fields like business, economics and government in both countries were present in the forum. 

Sino-German Forum for Economical and Technological Cooperation, originally named as “China-Germany High-Tech Dialogue Forum”, was set up to the suggestions from the leaders in both countries and have been successfully held for seven sessions. The theme of this session is “new technology, new economics, new vision: the development opportunities for enterprises from both countries in the coming five years”. This forum strengthens Sino-German cooperation in different economical and technological fields and has been valued by the governments and social sectors of both countries. In this session, Frey Architekten participated in group discussions on energy saving and efficiency. In retrospect of Sino-German cooperation in energy-saving architecture in the past decade, 

China has gone through a process from launching passive ultra-low energy demo projects, establishing passive house as important content of the Sino-German ecological architecture partnership to promulgating own passive house guidelines and involving more citizens and professionals into the practice of passive house in China. 

Both countries have agreed, the field of energy saving and efficiency improvement reserves great potential for cooperation and envisages a bright future. To strengthen the cooperation in energy-saving architecture, especially the promotion of passive house technologies, is of great significance and benefits the sustainable development of economics and societies in both countries. 

At last, Frey Architekten, Sino-German United Group and Qingdao Jianan Group signed a tripartite cooperation memorandum, which aims to strengthen the cooperation in the field of passive house and further deepen the current cooperation in green, energy-saving architecture exercised in the Qingdao Sino-German Ecopark