Zhuhai Government Delegation Visited Frey Architect Group

Zhuhai Government Delegation Visited Frey Architect Group

On Sept. 26th, Zhuhai government delegation visited Frey Architect Group in Germany. Exchanged practice experience on sustainable eco-urban district development with Director Wolfgang Frey, and did field research in a low-energy eco-community located in Rielsfeld district, Freiburg.

  • Conference name
  • Zhuhai Government Delegation
  • Meeting Time
  • 26.09.2016
  • Meeting place
  • Freiburg, Deutschland

This meeting is another deep communication between WFP Architect and Zhuhai government after last cooperation on Zhuhai Qianshanhe green building demonstration project in which WFP Architect acted as planner and designer.


During the visiting, Mr. Wolfgang Frey gave a presentation to the delegation on ecological sustainable building by combining current passive house tendency and traditional building wisdom, showed visitors the sustainable concept what he understood and highly believed.

After presentation, Mr. Wolfgang accompanied with the delegation did field research on representative ecological low-energy buildings. He emphasized the energy idea that using PV panels not only for energy generation but also replacing fences and sunshine shading. Besides, he explained the experience on how to promote communication between residents and make they feel at home as well as how to increase their willingness to take more responsibility in the community.


At the end of this visiting, the delegation gave a highly praise to Frey Architect Group and both side showed the expectation on further cooperation in future.