Wolfgang Frey At the 44th Martinstift - Symposium In Austria

Wolfgang Frey At the 44th Martinstift - Symposium In Austria

The Protestant Diakonie Gallneukirchen celebrated its forty-fourth Martinstift-Symposium in the Brucnkernhaus in Linz, Austria on October 14, 2016. Deeply steeped in tradition, the Martinstift-Symposium is one of the most significant forums in Austria and is committed to one topic only: working with the disabled.

  • Conference name
  • the 44th Martinstift - Symposium
  • Meeting Time
  • 15.10.2016
  • Meeting place
  • Austria

This type of platform offers not only a mutual meeting point for employees and students focused on disabled services, but also is characterized by its array of internationally distinguished speakers. The platform offers an opportunity to address the latest challenges and developments in work with the disabled and to pursue discussions about it.

How do we want to experience the future? Spatial planning as the pacesetter for inclusive societies: engineer and architect Wolfgang Frey grabbed the participants’ attention with this simple question.

One of Wolfgang Frey’s most important central aspects of his work is ecological and sustainable architecture and urban development. Using his large-scale project “Heidelberg Village” (Heidelberg Bahnstadt) as an example, Wolfgang Frey proves it is possible to have both high-quality construction engineering according to passive house standards and the availability of affordable housing and the integration of social aspects at the same time.

 This project stands out based on its 100% handicap accessibility, green facades and common meeting rooms for an active neighborhood. It also offers a broad range of social services such as at-home and childcare.“The real reason to build anything is to create living space for people – for all people,” emphasizes Wolfgang Frey.

He sees architecture’s deciding roll in creating impulses and possibilities for residents. How can architecture contribute to people’s individual needs, backgrounds and life phases so they feel at home and can identify with their living space? Wolfgang Frey offered multiple solutions in his presentation.

Wolfgang Frey shows people through his philosophy and execution of ideas that every one of us can shape the future and affect change so that everyone can identify with their living space.