The Heidelberg House Nursing Service

The Heidelberg House Nursing Service

“Architecture is the design of living spaces – respectful for the dignity of life and responsible for the preserving of creation in the future. Using environmental friendly resources is a symbiosis between regional conditions and demands of human beings.” – Wolfgang Frey

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  • 25.11.2016
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After day care center ”Purzelzwerge”, we would like to introduce you another partner “Heidelberg House nursing Service” which is moving into the Heidelberg Village.

Non-profit Heidelberg Home Nursing GmbH was founded in 1959, former is Heidelberg House Nursing Association which has more than 50-year experience. Since 1979, the mobile nursing service has been working as a non-profit organization.

The task of this nursing service is enabling people who is disable, old and sick, without religion limitation, to lead an independent, self-determined. Dignified and secure life, and also to give their families and caregivers support as best as can.

The goal of Heidelberg House Nursing Service is providing professional, continuous and personal nursing and caring services besed on the demands and wishes of each patient.