Frey Architekten Was Interviewed by Qingdao Radio and Television on Theme “ Belt & Road”

Frey  Architekten Was Interviewed by Qingdao Radio and Television on Theme “ Belt & Road”

On 30th December, journalists from Qingdao Radio and Television arrived in Freiburg, the “Green Capital” that located in southwest Germany, and gave a special interview to Mr. Wolfgang Frey, CEO of Frey Architekten.  This interview was about the cooperation in transnational Economic Belt of “Belt & Road” which was introduced by Jinping Xi, General Secretory of Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, with the theme of “the Silk Road today”.

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As the presentative of low-energy passive house building companies in Germany, Frey Architekten has a long-term cooperation which China, it’s subsidiary “WFP Architekten”regarding on reginal conditions has constructed and promoted a several outstanding projects in China such as Kunshan Air Corridor Studies, Zhuhai Shio-European Eco-City key project Qianshan Riverbank Ecological Culturepark, Jiangxi first Passive House Kindergarten, and so on, based on their advanced technologies and experience in Germany, promoting the implementation and development of passive house buildings in China .

On 3rd June, 2016, “the 8th Sino-German Forum for Economic and Technological Cooperation” was co-organized by State Development and Reform Commission and German Federal Ministry for Economy and Energy was held in Beijing. The Chinese Premier Li Keqiang and the German Chancellor Angela Merkel attended the forum and gave speeches. Frey Architekten Group participated in the forum representing German enterprises at the invitation of the chancellor’s office. During this Forum, Frey Architekten, Sino-German United Group and Qingdao Jianan Group signed a tripartite cooperation memorandum, which aims to strengthen the cooperation in the field of passive house and further deepen the current cooperation in green, energy-saving architecture exercised in the Qingdao Sino-German Ecopark. 

Tracking the proceeding of the cooperation between Frey Archikten, Qingdao Jianan Group and Sino-German Joint Group is one of the main proposes of this interview conducted by Qingdao Radio and Television.

 During the interview, Mr. Frey said that because he wants to promote sustainable low-energy passive house buildings in China to create clean and tidy living spaces for future generations, he chose to cooperate with Qingdao Jianan Group and Sino-German Joint Group. However, the promotion of sustainable low-energy passive house buildings in China not only needs their years-accumulated experience in Germany and technologies but also needs a large amount of excellent Chinese architects to implement this idea attend to local conditions. Regards on previous cooperation, Mr. Frey thought that architects from Qingdao Jianan Group and Sino-German Joint Group have excellent skills, and the most important thing is the accurate understanding on his design concept. Mr. Frey believed that German sustainable eco-city idea absolutely can be spread in China through the cooperation with Qingdao Jianan Group and Sino-German Joint Group.

As the second part of this interview, the reporters visited “Bahnstadt” in Heidelberg as well as the key project “Heidelberg Village” of Frey Architeken. The city developmet planning of “Bahnstadt” will be fully implementing passive house super low energy consumption standards.  “Bahnstadt” is close to Heildelberg Central Railway Station, with total area of 116 hectares, is the world’s largest passive house project. In the center of this sustainable eco-city area, project “Heidelberg Village” invested, designed and construed by Frey Architekten is under construction. The project integrated innovative sustainable design concepts as well as proposed a creative operation and management mode to reach the demands of different users ultimately to achieve sustainable development of environment and society.  Thanks for this project Frey Architekten was awarded “ German Nursing Home Award” in the year of 2015 and the Global Award “ World Top Passive House Design” in the year of 2016.