Qingdao Sini-German Eco-Park Delegation Visited Frey Architekten

Qingdao Sini-German Eco-Park Delegation Visited Frey Architekten

During the period from 1st to 2nd December, Qingdao Sini-German Eco-Park delegation led by Junting Xue, director of Economic Development Office at Qingdao Sino-German Eco-Park Management Committee visited Frey Architekten. 

  • Conference name
  • Qingdao Sini-German Eco-Park Delegation
  • Meeting Time
  • 02.12.2016
  • Meeting place
  • Freiburg, Deutschland

During the visiting, Wolfgang Frey, director of Frey Architekten gave a presentation on low-energy passive house buildings and eco-city to visitors. According to the assignments of Economic Development Office of Qingdao Sino-German Eco-Park Management Committee, Mr. Frey explained the main factors in sustainable buildings and the building concept in eco-city, also enhanced the cost and benefits of low-energy passive house buildings. After the presentation, Mr. Frey accompanied with the delegation visited residential regions both in Riselfeld and Vauban districts in Freiburg. Mr. Xue highly praised the “people-oriented and harmonious community” design concept. Barrier-free design and  harmonious community concept are reflected from every corner in residential area. Each community is a small “sponge city” and every residential building with the attentively design of collecting rain water to common green area. Mr. Frey also mentioned how they saved cost at the same time achieved all necessary measurements by using the multi-functions of construction components. And from building materials to construction, highly pay attention on environmental protection. This idea won highly praise from Mr. Xue. As a response, 

Mr. Frey said one of the most special point in their work is they do not make “special things”, which illustrates their tradition of strict implementation of standards in construction process without wasting materials.

On the last day of the visiting trip, the delegation visited “Bahnstadt” in Heidelberg as well as the key project “Heidelberg Village” of Frey Architeken. The city developmet planning of “Bahnstadt” will be fully implementing passive house super low energy consumption standards.  “Bahnstadt” is close to Heildelberg Central Railway Station, with total area of 116 hectares, is the world’s largest passive house project. In the center of this sustainable eco-city area, project “Heidelberg Village” invested, designed and construed by Frey Architekten is under construction. The project integrated innovative sustainable design concepts as well as proposed a creative operation and management mode to reach the demands of different users ultimately to achieve sustainable development of environment and society.  Thanks for this project Frey Architekten was awarded “ German Nursing Home Award” in the year of 2015 and the Global Award “ World Top Passive House Design” in the year of 2016.