Shanghai Building Material Management Office Delegation Visited Frey Architekten

Shanghai Building Material Management Office Delegation Visited Frey Architekten

On Dec. 16, 2016, Shanghai Building Material Managent Office delegation visited Frey Architekten which located in so called “Green Capital” Freiburg, in southern Germany. 

  • Conference name
  • Shanghai Delegation
  • Meeting Time
  • 16.12.2016
  • Meeting place
  • Freiburg, Deutschland

Mr. Jürgen Heller ,expert in energy technology and project manager of Frey Architekten delivered a presentation for delegation on topic 'From Smart Building to Smart City '. Ms. Jiakun Wang , CEO of Frey Architekten Group China attended. After presentation , the delegation visited community in Rieselfeld where Frey Architekten located in ,and gained a deeper understanding on the concepts of passive house buildings ,construction of harmonious community and the development of sponge city on the spot. 

In the presentation delivered by Mr. Jürgen Heller , the history of the Frey Architekten since 1959 was first introduced . Mr. Jürgen Heller also enhance the Five-Finger Principle generated by Wolfgang Fret, chairman of Frey Architekten that includes ecology , economy, society , vision and motivation. Then, Mr. Heller introduced the concept and principles in sustainable urban planning by representing 'Smart Green Tower', the representative under planning project in Freiburg as an example . 'Smart Green Tower' as an energy self-generation building is invested and designed by Frey Architekten, and also with the cooperation from Siemens and Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy System(ISE). In addition ,it has got support from Freiburg Economic Development Agency (FWTM). Badenova and ads-tec, is going to start construction from early 2017.  

As a commercial-residential complex , 'Smart Green Tower' was designed with unique energy generation facade combined with energy management system ,able to achieve efficient usage of solar energy and temporary energy storage in efficient batteries within the tower, with expected energy storage capacity 0.5 MW. So that, not only tower's energy self-consumption is able to be covered , but also able to supply electricity to or gain from surrounding buildings by connecting with the grid as well as balance energy demand of the whole community through smart energy management system. Thus, 'Smart Green Tower' becomes small electricity plant and energy management center as a single unit building, creates a small sustainable city by connecting the whole region over grid remarkably reducing the burden of grid in the city . 

The second main part of the presentation is the development of passive house in Germany and passive house building standards. By giving an example of 'Heidelberg Village' passive house project invested, designed and constructed by Frey  Architekten in Heidelberg, Mr. Heller vividly explained the design concept and passive house technologies of Frey Architekten. Thanks for 'Heidelberg Village', Frey Architekten was awarded 'Germany -Long life Land Award' in the year of 2015, and in Nov. 2016 was awarded Global Award '2016 World's Most Outstanding Passive House Design'.