Sustainable Urban Planner Wolfgang Frey at the IGEBC in Peking, China

Sustainable Urban Planner Wolfgang Frey at the IGEBC in Peking, China

Peking, 03.22.2017 – The „International Conference on Green and Energy-Efficient Building & New Technologies and Products Expo“ (IGEBC) is taking place for the thirteenth time in China’s capital city with over 3,000 participants including politicians, business leaders and scientists as well as 300 exhibitors from around the world.

  • Conference name
  • Meeting Time
  • 22.03.2017
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  • Beijing, China

Wolfgang Frey, an internationally recognized expert in sustainable urban planning and ecological construction, has been invited as a speaker once again.

The IGBEC receives support from the Ministry of Construction and Urban Planning, the Ministry of Education and Science, the Ministry of Finance, Ministry for Environmental Protection, Ministry for Information and Public Affairs and the National Commission for Development and Reform for the People’s Republic of China. Concrete solutions for combatting environmental pollution are center stage at the conference. Urban planning, including both reconstruction and new construction, plays a large role in the discussion.

The Passive House urban restoration by Frey Architekten under Wolfgang Frey’s leadership in the South Chinese city of Zhuhai is one of many flagship and future-oriented measures for combatting smog in the area. 

The densely populated residential and commercial area to be renovated spans 8.6 hectares. A total of 24 sustainable technologies will assist in the renovations.

The extensive urban restoration measures will lead to an annual reduction of 280 tons of Co2 emissions, a daily filtering of 300 to 525 m3wastewater and a renewable energy production of 60% through photovoltaics. The Passive House urban renovation in Zhuhai will also be the focus during the International Passive House Conference 2017 in Vienna.

In addition, Wolfgang Frey’s visit will deepen the cooperation with numerous Chinese partners. Last year’s IGEBC led to a cooperation agreement with the Shanghai International Design Center. Ms. Jiakun Wang from WFP Achitekten, the partner office of Frey Architekten for Chinese projects, and Mr. Zhiyong XU, general secretary for the Chinese passive house alliance, were also present.