AKCOM Group Delegation Visited German Frey Architekten Group

AKCOM Group Delegation Visited  German Frey Architekten Group

On 19th April, Mr. Liu Yufeng, Vice president of Jiangsu Akcome Group and Prof. He Jijiang from Tsinghua University Energy Internet Research Institute in a group of four people visited Frey Architekten Group in “Green City” Freiburg, and exchanged the practical experience of the application of sustainable clean-energy technologies in green buildings.

  • Conference name
  • AKCOM Group Delegation
  • Meeting Time
  • 19.04.2018
  • Meeting place
  • Freiburg, Deutschland

Guided by Mr. Felipe Marquez, the Architectural Engineer from Frey Architekten Group, the delegation  firstly visited the construction site of “Smart Green Tower” which invested, designed and constructed by Frey Architekten Group in Güterbahnhof, Freiburg. Afterwards, the delegation  visited the headquarter of Frey Architekten Group. Mr. Jürgen Heller, energy technology expert and Project Manager of Frey Architekten Group gave a themed report on “Innovation and application of  technology for  sustainable energy developemt in Smart Green Tower”. The participants had an active discussion on the detailed and vivid information from the report, and everyone was deeply inspired and motivated after the meeting.

Then, the delegation group visited the passive house projects “Ecological Greenhouse”, “Ecological Woodhouse” and “Pro Scholare” which were invested, designed and developed by Frey Architekten Group in Rieselfeld, Freiburg. The delegation group had a close and concrete understanding of architectural design features of passive house and the integrated innovative residential concept being developed and promoted by Frey Architekten Group.

In the end, Mr. Wolfgang Frey, Chairman of Frey Architekten Group, had a pleasant and close communication, expressing the common perspective of promoting the application of sustainable energy technology in the field of green building.