Qingdao Enter into an International Dialogue with Germany, Frey Group

Qingdao Enter into an International Dialogue with Germany, Frey Group

On July 10, 2018, China Qingdao Economic Development Strategy Transformation Business Dialogue was successfully held in Munich. Mr. Jianjun Liu, deputy mayor of Qingdao city, participated with his team, with the accompany of Shiyu Zhao, director of Sino-German Eco-Park, and so on. It is the first time Qingdao stands on the international stage.

  • Conference name
  • Business Dialogue
  • Meeting Time
  • 10.07.2018
  • Meeting place
  • Munich,Deutschland

At the meeting, Dr. Otto Wiesheu, President of Bavaria Economic Committee, former Minister of Economic Affair of Bavaria; Mr. Jianjun Liu, Deputy Mayor of Qingdao City; Mr. Hao Cai, Deputy Consul General in Munich of China, representative of Regensburg City and other German firms, have given speeches, respectively. The rapid development of Qingdao and huge achievements in recent years were highly distinguished.


Under the witness of all guests and leaders, four signing ceremonies of crucial projects were held. Frey Group with Sino-German United Group Co., Ltd. and Zhongqing Jianan Group Co., Ltd. signed a trip-memorandum of cooperation. Mr. Wolfgang Frey, Chairman of Frey Group with Ms. Jiakun Wang, Partner and CEO of China Region, Mr. Wei Zhao of Sino-German United Group and Mr. Jianqiang Yang, Chairman of Zhongqing Jianan Group signed the memorandum on behalf of their companies, respectively.


The signed memorandum of cooperation this time aims to further deepening exchanges and cooperation between the three parties, especially in the fields of ultra-low energy building. At the same time, the investment and development of green real estate in China and Germany. could be jointly developed by utilizing the complementary advantages and the shared resources of the three parties.


Sino-German United Group Co., Ltd., established in 2015 by Qingdao Economic and Technological Development Zone, is the first nation-owned park developer listed on German Stock Exchange. It’s responsible for the development and construction of 11.6 square kilometers of Sino-German Ecological Park and more than 200 square kilometers of its expanded zone.


Zhongqing Jian'an Group, established in 1997, is a large-scale enterprise group with qualifications of general contracting of building construction on level 1, foundation construction on level 1, cultural relic protection construction on level 1 and many other qualifications of level 2


The Frey Group, established in 1959, as a well-known German company in the field of green sustainable energy-saving buildings, not only adheres to the passive ultra-low-energy green building and eco-city planning, but also involves green building design certification and consulting, green real estate investment development, sustainable property management and other areas.


The three parties hope and believe that the signing of the tripartite cooperation memorandum will actively promote the innovation and development of eco-efficient architecture technologies and concepts in China and Germany, enhance practices in architecture technology, accumulate more experience, and make contributions in green and low-carbon life.