Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city paid a visit to Frey Architekten Group

 Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city paid a visit to Frey Architekten Group

On Dec. 10, headquarter of Frey Group which is located in Freiburg, Germany received a delegation from sino Singapore Tinjin Eco city.

  • Conference name
  • Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city
  • Meeting Time
  • 10.12.2018
  • Meeting place
  • Freiburg, Deutschland

As the first green development comprehensive-demonstration region of china, its visit is of great significance. The Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city (SSTEC) is the result of a collaborative agreement between the governments of China and Singapore to jointly develop a socially harmonious, environmentally friendly and resource-conserving city in China, is the second program cooperated by this two countries following China-Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park, is also the first eco city developed and built cooperatively between states.

On the morning of Dec. 10, Head of China Desk of Frey Group introduced the delegation the origin and development of the Group and the ultra-low energy passive buildings in the company’s core business and presented the Group's key innovative and demonstrative projects. Afterwards, Erfu Guo, who is from Tianjin Eco city green building research institute and Chunlei Zhang, who is from China/Singapore Tianjin Eco city administrative committee introduced their business scope and directions of development respectively. Later on, three of the delegation gave a field trip to Freiburg energy-saving demonstrative zone - the Rieselfeld residential quarter and Frey Group's independently invested projects, Ms. Duan gave a detailed explanation of the relevant technology.

 In the afternoon The delegation came to visit the fabricating yard of a program invested independently by Frey Group---Smart Green Tower and investigate details of the construction, in the meanwhile this two parties exchange their own views about Green-Building technologies

After the investigation of smart green tower, the delegation came to the Schlierberg in the company of Ms. Duan and was explained community’s solar building technologies and the ecological ideas by Mr. Lutz ,urbanist in Vauban, and was also presented innovative moves in energy-saving and environment-friendly building by using some actual projects.

In the end,the delegation paid a visit to a famous building, Heliotrop , whose main building is made of wood and can rotate along with the angle of shining to obtain the maximum energy efficiency by making its self – contained solar cell panels and heat collectors face the sunlight straightly and efficiently.

A one-day investigation make both sides reach a further understanding about green building ideas of the other party. The Frey group’s study in Ultra-Low Energy Buildings and the corresponding achievement and sino Singapore Tinjin Eco city‘s contribution to pushing forward the development of green building in China made each other feel impressive, and both sides expressed the intent on cooperating.