15th Shenzhen Green Building Conference

15th Shenzhen Green Building Conference

On April 3-4 2019, the '15th International Conference on Green and Energy-efficient Building & New Technologies and Products EXPO' was held as scheduled in the 'Green Pioneer City' Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center.

  • Conference name
  • the 15th Shenzhen Green Building Conference
  • Meeting Time
  • 12.04.2019
  • Meeting place
  • Shenzhen,China

As China's most influential green building event, it responded actively to the requirements of the State Council's ecological civilization construction and the call for the establishment of a sound green and low-carbon economic system and the formation of a green mode of both development and life, and it discussed in depth Energy-saving development trend and cutting-edge technology. The theme of this conference is “Upgrading Green Buildings and Promoting Green Development”, once again attracting top-level construction companies and experts from all over the world to come together, which is an academic feast of Architecture.

The opening ceremony of the conference officially began at 9:00 am on April 3. The conference was jointly sponsored by Chinese Society For Urban Studies, Shenzhen Municipal People's Government, U.S.-China Green Fund, China Green Building Council and Eco-city Research Committee. Mr. Qiu Baoxing, Counselor of State Council, former deputy minister of Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development,Chairman of Chinese Society For Urban Studies, gave a vivid review and prospect on China's green buildings.

Qingdao Sino-German Eco-park is the only cooperative park between the Chinese and German governments, it is the world's high-end ecological enterprise international gathering area, the world's high-end ecological technology research & development area and the livable ecological demonstration area. At the conference, the park won the honorary title of the Sino-German eco-demonstration City Practice Guide Area and became the first eco-park in China to receive this honor. Mr. Qiu Baoxing and the Director of the German Energy Agency issued certificate for Qingdao Sino-German Eco-park and took photos with Mr. Zhu Tieyi, director of the Sino-German Eco-park Management Committee.

Mr. Wolfgang Frey, Chairman of Frey Group, Ms. Wang Jiakun, Partner of Frey Group and CEO of China Region, were invited as speakers to give special reports.

In the “Near Zero-Energy Buildings” forum, Ms. Wang Jiakun used the passive housing development demonstration project which is invested and developed by Frey Group in China - Frey·Dejian Gongyuan as an example, vividly introduced the difference of the near zero-energy buildings between in China and in Germany and shared the application of German passive houses and green building experience and technology in the national conditions with Chinese characteristics, and it was highly concerned by experts

Mr.Wolfgang Frey introduced the advantages and features of positive-energy building in the forum of 'Assembly and Energy Efficiency Technology and Prospects', showing in detail the diversity of its production channels, different energy management methods and the necessity and promotion of future development trends. At the same time, Mr.Frey affirmed its great potential in China market throught the development of ultra-low energy buildings and positive energy in Europe and the analysis of similar markets in China.

In addition ,Mr.Frey presented the 'Heidelberg Village', which was designed and built by Frey Group , at the core position of Bahnstadt in Heidelberg. Bahnstadt is close to the central railway station of Heidelberg and covers an area of 116 hectares with 1700 residential units, the community will be able to offer a living space for more than 5,000 people , its CO2 emissions are 56% which is lower than German standard level, therefore it is the first sustainable city to take zero-emission strategy in EU.

Heidelberg Village project fully demonstrates the application of Mr. Frey's theory of five-finger principles . The project is divided into two parts , east part and west part . Each part is a semi-enclosed block containing residential and commercial services. At the same time, it meets the requirements of barrier-free design and creates conditions for a social structure that accommodates multiple generations of symbiosis.

The project not only integrates a variety of sustainable design concepts but also proposes a new operational management model to meet the needs of different users in order to achieve environmental and social sustainable development . With this project, the Frey Architekten received 'the initiative 'Germany -country  of longevity' award (Preis der Initiative 'Deutschland-Land des langen Lebens ') in 2015 and the Global Award ' World Top Passive House Design' in 2016.

Frey Group continues to pay attention to China's industry exchange events held regularly such as Green Building Conference and the Urban Planning Conference. It is willing to share the Group's technical information and practical project experience in passive house, positive energy building and ecological urban area construction. The aim is to bring the experience of German passive ultra-low energy buildings and sustainable urban development to China as a bridge of technical information to provide a broader perspective and more possibilities for the industry..