Korean future city "Solaseado" visiting Freiburg

Korean future city

On May 2 and 3, a delegation from the Korean 'Solaseado' project visited the city of Freiburg. 

  • Conference name
  • Korean future city "Solaseado"
  • Meeting Time
  • 05.05.2019
  • Meeting place
  • Freiburg, Deutschland

Aiming at to find suitable cooperation partners, 'Solaseado', whose energy supply is to be provided exclusively by renewable energies, above all solar energy, the delegates were highly interested to get acquainted with new technologies in the field of green building and solar energy production.


With a reception of the delegation at the FWTM - Freiburg Economy Tourism and Trade Fair - Mr. Fletschinger presented the 'Green City' Freiburg and its ecological concepts. Mr. Sven Ring from Frey Group did a presentation of the company and its projects in Germany and China,

 including Heidelberg Village in the Heidelberg Bahnstadt, the Smart Green Tower at the Güterbahnhof in Freiburg and the Sino-German Ecopark in Qingdao.


During the delegation’s visit they participated in an evening reception at Colombi Hotel, took a tour in the Rieselfeld district, getting introduced to the famous Greenhouse, the integrative residential project pro scholare and the wooden house and on their visit to 'Heidelberg Village' in the Bahnstadt - ultimately, the contact between both sides was deepened and the way for a cooperation with the Frey Group was prepared.