Second visit of the SHOKAI Group to an in-depth exchange with the Frey Architects Group

Second visit of the SHOKAI Group to an in-depth exchange with the Frey Architects Group

On June 7, Liqun Pan, chairman of the Beijing Capital Development Holding Group (SHOKAI Group), and a group of senior executives visited the city of Freiburg to conduct an academic study. 

  • Conference name
  • SHOKAI Group
  • Meeting Time
  • 07.06.2019
  • Meeting place
  • Freiburg, Deutschland

Mr. Wolfgang Frey, Chairman of the German Frey Architects Group, Ms. Zhilan Duan, Head of the China Department and Mr. Yunlong Li, Deputy Head of the Administration Department, received the delegation.

On the first day, the visitors had the opportunity to explore the Freiburg Bioenergy Nursing Home in Balingen, a project designed and built by the Frey Group, during a project tour. Ms. Knorr, head of the full-time care unit, welcomed the visitors and agreed to introduce the special features of the nursing home. In her remarks, she also referred in particular to the combined, sustainable design of the nursing home, which stands out with its people-oriented operating concept, in the field of tension of care and diversity. As an example, she called the so-called 'activity space': this promotes communication and interaction between older people, so that the older residents living here do not feel lonely and lonely, but rather feel like a new family.


Later, Ms. Lang, head of day care, introduced the one-day custody model. The focus here is patient and responsible care of the patient with a variety of activities that make the lives of older people more enjoyable. There was an excellent atmosphere during the visit - so that the residents were carried away by it and insisted on giving the visitors a small singing performance.


Also on a 'culinary delicacy' for the far Hergereisten had thought the nursing home management: to Black Forest ham specialties was allowed to exchange lively and intense on the development of passive nursing homes in Germany and abroad. As a highlight of the visit, gifts were exchanged - and Mr. Frey handed over to Mr. Pan for his second visit to Freiburg the book written by himself 'New care for the elderly'.


The following day, the group toured the world's largest passive house estate 'Heidelberg Village' in the Bahnstadt. The project, which was specially designed and implemented by the Frey Group, has been completed and is working to capacity. Under the guidance of Mr. Frey during this excursion, he also introduced the visitors to why the project was called a 'living community'; and how Frey Architekten proceeded with the realization - which he explained with examples of the design of the photovoltaic modules, the green façades and the use of low-energy passive houses, which contribute to a generally green atmosphere.


Mr. Frey and SHOKAI Group Chairman, Mr. Pan, underlined the concrete opportunities for future cooperation from the first visit and reaffirmed their commitment to promoting common ventures by promoting and developing low-energy passive houses in China.