PHI & Frey Group visiting passive kindergarten demonstration project in Nanchang

PHI & Frey Group visiting passive kindergarten demonstration project in Nanchang

On June 10th, Dr. Kaufmann, Executive Director of the PHI Passive House Research Institute in Darmstadt, Germany, paid a visit together with his entourage of passive house experts, Sheng Hao, Wei Wei and Liu Yabo, to the first passive kindergarten demonstration in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province. The group was accompanied by the passive house project manager of Frey Construction Group, Liu Qingxi, and Zhu Zhongping, the general manager of the project developer Jiangxi Zhongsen Industrial Group.

  • Conference name
  • PHI & Frey Group visiting passive kindergarten demonstration project in Nanchang
  • Meeting Time
  • 10.06.2019
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  • Nanchang, China

The project is being located in the north section of the second phase of Zhongsen International Garden. In order to meet both the teaching and activity requirements of a total of 12 classes, the outline of the building is curved along the oblique side of the triangular land, thus maximizing the width of the building to the south. Classrooms are centrally arranged for the purpose of easier management and outdoor game venues are organized to offer large-scale events or class-combined games.

Forming a novum, the architectural design style meets the psychological needs of young children by creating an atmosphere of a fairy tale town: sloping huts, steeple towers, rich colors and diverse windows are important architectural elements and contribute to more space and imagination for the kids. As a matter of fact, the kindergarten forms a lively and beautiful scenery in this European-style residential community. 

So far, the project has been widely acknowledged and became the first passive kindergarten certified by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and the German PHI Passive House Research Institute.

The group led by Mr. Liu visited the entire kindergarten, paying much attention to the perfect infrastructure, the ingenious details of service needs, the reasonable but functional layout as well as the high-quality staff, all of which are reflecting the similarities between China and Germany. After the visit, Jiangxi Zhongsen Industrial Group, Germany PHI Passive House Research Institute, and Frey Construction Group continued during a fruitful exchange to share information on technical details of the project, as well as operation and maintenance related questions. Dr. Kaufmann expressed his intention to further broaden cooperation with Frey Construction Group and Jiangxi Zhongsen Industrial Group to promote passive houses in the hot summer and cold regions of Jiangxi Province.