"Prefabricated positive energy building technology innovation and engineering demonstration project


On January 3, 2020 the 'Prefabricated positive energy building technology innovation and engineering demonstration project launch meeting' took place in Beijing. 

  • Conference name
  • the launch meeting
  • Meeting Time
  • 03.01.2020
  • Meeting place
  • Beijing, China

In order to promote future developments in the related field of prefabricated positive energy house construction and production of component parts, the meeting offered a platform for technical exchange and discussions on the implementation of project-related goals. Leaders of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development invited think tanks and industry experts to participate and share their experience in the development and application of related technologies and products in the prefabricated building industry sector

The Deputy Director of the Standard Quota Division at the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, Mr. Han, Aixing, affirmed in his welcoming speech that the technological innovation work of pre-fabricated positive energy buildings promotes the overall development of energy efficiency in China and sets new, higher requirements for achieving future goals of China's environmental policies .

Honorary Secretary General of China’s Passive House Construction Alliance, Mr. Xu, Zhiyong, stated that “the prefabricated building technology demonstration project is an important part of vigorously developing the prefabricated buildings sector” and that “all project undertaking shall be carried out in accordance with the requirements of the ‘Administrative Measures for the Science and Technology Plan Project’ of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development.”.

Mr. Sun Jiangning, Director of Livable Center at Eco-City Research Institute in China, underlined the major significance of particularly four aspects in the project of 'Technical Innovation and Demonstration of Prefabricated Positive Energy Building', i.e. the application background, framework and main content, key technology and project results, as well as guaranteeing technical standards and work arrangements.

Ms. Hu, Yichen, former Deputy General Manager and Deputy Chief Engineer of Beijing Residential Building Design & Research Institute China, provided her suggestions on the implementation direction and implementation plan of the project from the aspects of building structure and renewable energy applications.


In her opinion, “the use of prefabricated design for ultra-low energy consumption has played a very good role in fine design, fine construction, and high-quality construction of ultra-low energy consumption buildings. Excellence will always find the best solution”.

Germany-based Frey Construction Group was invited to participate in the meeting, too. As a representative of the demonstration project, Mr. Wang, Weimin, Executive Deputy General Manager, introduced to  the audience “Jingzhou Yuanbo Garden”, Frey Group’s very own demo project in Hubei Province - a prefabricated positive energy German-Chinese Pavilion.

 He said that “through careful consideration and selection of suitable production capacity methods, structural forms and designs, equipment and cost control over the entire life cycle of the building, project developers will find their ideal way for the development of building energy conservation.

With a colorful portfolio in both design and construction experiences, Germany Frey Construction Group adheres to the continuous development of green and energy-saving buildings. With great attention and support of the Chinese local party committee and local government, the Group has carefully created leading energy-saving demonstration buildings throughout China.

Everyone attending the meeting agreed that the “prefabricated positive energy building” project has great potential and promising prospects, and that this sector will play a particularly positive role in promoting the continuous development of the domestic green building market and renewable energy market.

First of all, the selection of building materials has a great impact on the difficulty of construction. In actual projects, each material has its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, taking this project as an example, combined with considerations such as thermal insulation performance and thermal bridge treatment, the final Wooden structure assembly is the best choice. Secondly, the cost of the project needs to be controlled from the aspects of structure selection, equipment and construction cycle in combination with the actual project situation. The use of renewable energy is one of the most important highlights of the development of energy-efficient housing projects. It is necessary to make reasonable use of local resources according to the climate characteristics of different regions; the Jingzhou Zhengnengfang project uses the advantages of sufficient local sunshine throughout the year and high solar energy production capacity. It has been proven that it can fully meet the capacity demand during the actual operation.


In the future, the development trend of fully-produced prefabricated positive energy housing projects requires in-depth consideration of the promotion of positive energy housing and project implementation in terms of renewable energy capacity in different climatic zones, project cost, and scale promotion.


The Jingzhou Zhengnengfang project is mainly based on the characteristics of green and energy-saving buildings in Europe. It adopts prefabricated building technology system, which mainly includes the use of prefabricated new material walls, solar tiles, and super energy-saving windows. The project follows the design principles of adapting to local conditions, reasonable layout, comprehensive supporting, and taking into account development, fully respects the elements of urban environmental space, and displays the park's architecture and regional cultural characteristics. The design embodies the economic, cultural, environmental protection, energy saving, humanities and beautiful appearance in the design.