Frey Group-WFP Architekten participated in

the compilation of "Zero-Carbon Building Evaluatio
Frey Group-WFP Architekten participated in

On the afternoon of July 13, 2021, the establishment of the China Building Energy Conservation Association's group standard 'Zero-Carbon Building Evaluation Standards' and the first working meeting were successfully held in Beijing. 

  • Conference name
  • Compilation of "Zero-Carbon-Building Evaluation Standards"
  • Meeting Time
  • 13.07.2021
  • Meeting place
  • Beijing, China

The unit responsible for the compilation is held by Jianke Environmental Energy Technology Co., Ltd. The meeting included Vice President Li Deying of CABEE, Secretary General Wu Jingshan, Deputy Secretary General Fu Yu, and Vice President Yu Zhen of China Academy of Building Energy Research Institute Director, Zhao Yanbing, Director of the Energy Foundation, and 30 members of the compilation team from the participating units of the 'Zero-Carbon Building Evaluation Standard'. Ms. Wang Jiakun, partner of German Frey Group-WFP Architekten and president of China, was invited to participate in the preparation of the evaluation criteria.

The first half of the working meeting was presided over by engineer Rong Yajing, who is the standard office of CABEE. Li Deying, vice president of CABEE, Zhao Yanbing, director of Energy Foundation, and Yu Zhen, vice president of China Academy of Building Energy Research Institute, delivered speeches respectively. After that, engineer Rong Yajing announced the official establishment of the preparation group.

Zhang Shicong, a researcher from the China Academy of Building Research, presided over the first working meeting. The compiling group classified the topics that may be encountered in the process of compiling the evaluation criteria that need to be investigated and researched into 13 research topics, and each compiling group member is responsible for the special purpose.

The establishment of the group standard 'Zero-Carbon Building Evaluation Standards' and the successful convening of the first working meeting not only reflects the determination of the Chinese government to actively promote the emission reduction work in the building sector, but also shows that the Chinese government is not only in practice and technical research. At the same time, efforts have been made to improve the release of relevant policies and formulate industry norms and standards.