Forum for Passive Building Technology Exchange in Severe Cold Regions

Forum for Passive Building Technology Exchange in Severe Cold Regions

On October 30, 2019, the Forum for Passive Building Technology Exchange in Severe Cold Areas was successfully held in Changchun, Jilin.

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  • 30.10.2019
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  • Jilin, China

The forum was hosted by the PHAChina and the Near-Zero Energy Building Branch of Jilin Civil Engineering and Architecture Society, and Junwang Energy Conservation Technology Co., Ltd., and co-organized by Jilin Building Energy Conservation Association. The theme of this forum is 'Development Strategies and Practices of Passive Architecture in Severe Cold Regions'. Many experts, scholars, scientific research institutes and enterprise representatives were invited to gather together to actively conduct professional exchanges and sharing.

Feng Guogang, deputy director of the Management Committee of Changchun Lianhuashan Ecotourism Resort, extended a warm welcome to the guests on behalf of the Changchun Municipal Government. Subsequently, Mr. Xi Jiawei, Chairman of Junwang Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd., delivered a keynote speech on behalf of the organizer of the conference, Junwang Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd., and expressed his sincere thanks to the units at all levels for supporting, hosting, co-organizing and sponsoring this forum.

Ms. Wang Jiakun, partner of German Frey Group-WFP Architekten and president of China Region, emphasized that it is necessary to pay attention to the current severe situation of global warming and environmental protection. And comprehensively compare the energy-saving strategies, construction details and technical points of China and Germany, and put forward suggestions that the development of passive buildings in China should be healthy and orderly and adapt to local conditions.

This forum comprehensively exchanged the innovative theories and new achievements of passive energy-saving buildings in energy conservation and environmental protection, protecting national resources, exploring new technologies and methods for urban development, as well as improving the living environment and improving people's well-being. The building constitutes a beautiful blueprint for development.