Economic Reference:A "Grass-Root Architect" with Inherited Sustainable Idea

Economic Reference:A

Repoter: Bingqing Liao, Beijing l Source: Economic Reference

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  • 28.10.2016
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Most people may think that the responsibility of an architect is just to design and construct shelters, however, at least one person do not agree with that. For Wolfgang Frey, the real emission of architects is to create environment that people lives in. He was titled “Future creator“, and also is the “Grass-Root Architect” and expert in sustainable building to his peers. Over years, Mr. Frey have created several recodes in sustainable field, with the guiding of strong environmental concern and social responsibility as well as people-oriented design concept and innovative practice spirit.


Grow Up in Construction Site

Mr. Frey was born in an architect family in Freiburg, Germany, in 1960. 

His grandfather and father both are architects, and the family have their own forest land. Frey family inherited ancestral carpentry built houses, furniture by using forest resources. Except DIY daily goods, they also are good at wood carving. Perhaps because of living close to nature, the concept of sustainable development in early years already has rooted in Frey family.

As an architect, Mr. Wolfgang Frey's grandfather well know what kind of architecture is best suited to the local nature environment, and this kind of knowledge also inherited by Mr. Wolfgang Frey's father, Mr. Friedrich Frey who found the architects’office in 1959.  He made a solar energy equipment as well as a heating pump, achieved the initial idea of introducing solar energy into rooms.