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  • 978-3-451-30981-6
  • Author
  • Wolfgang Frey
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  • German, Englisch
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  • 208

Freiburg is one of the 55 cities from around the world that have been invited to present concepts relating the subject “Better City – Better Life” at the Expo 2010 in Shanghai. In the past few decades Freiburg has earned an international reputation for its commitment to socially and ecologically sustainable urban development. This book offers a view of what has been achieved so far in this ecosolar capital of Germany and what milestones are still to be reached along the way to the Green City of the future.

We shape the world in which we live and the world in which we live shapes us. The development of our cities is an expression of this ceaseless interaction.

Extract: Preface by Dr. Dieter Salomon, Mayor of Freiburg im Breisgau:

 “What distinguishes Freiburg from many other cities is its unique mixture of political, economic, geographic and psychological factors that fit together to form a sound whole:


1) A decades-old tradition of high-quality and future-oriented urban planning

2) Experience and competence as one of the world’s leading centers of solar energy research, development, and application

3) A local economy that regards environmental goals as a constructive challenge

4) A citizenry that is aware of and committed to meeting our responsibility for protecting the environment

5) A city council that is prepared to make ground- breaking decisions


Freiburg’s pioneering role has given the city international recognition. The term “Green City” stands for the implementation of environmentally friendly solutions and for a committed citizenry that regards itself as a participant in the process of establishing sustainable development and an enhanced quality of life. And finally, “Green City” stands for an increasingly green economy that creates jobs and growth in future markets and has become a crucial factor in the competition among cities and regions. The present book offers numerous examples that document the practical application of green policies. I wish to thank all of those who have contrib- uted to this valuable compilation.”