• Title
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  • 978-3-451-30387-6
  • Author
  • Wolfgang Frey
  • Language
  • German, Englisch
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  • 256

For the architect Wolfgang Frey, the five principles of sustainability relate to ecology, economy, society, vision, and motivation. With his five finger principle, Frey demonstrates the necessity of taking a holistic approach to socially and ecologically sustainable urban development. In his book The Five Finger Principle, Frey describes and illustrates the principles of sustainable architecture using a wealth of real-world examples.

Human beings have always shown tremendous ingenuity in working with the materials that were available to them. The results were best when the properties of the available materials were ideally suited to the specifications of the desired structures, i.e. when they were ecologically optimized.


Overview of the five principles:

1. Ecologic: (Ecology)

Our relationship to nature has a direct impact on the quality of our life and existence in this world. Consequently, the use of environmentally friendly materials in conjunction with modern building technology is crucial for gaining an economic value.

2. Affordable: (Economy)

People can only benefit from sustainable architecture if it’s affordable. Out task is to find appropriate solutions that fit the job according to a given budget. Simple solutions are technically suitable, not only they’re cheaper but also they fit in every project and cut out the unnecessary.

3. Innovative: (Vision)

The will to design has nothing to do will market opportunities – it’s a matter of conviction.

4. Integrative: (Society and Architecture)

Architecture and building are not just about arranging a pile of blocks. The real task is to create an environment where people feel pleasant to live, work and socialize. Sustainable urban planning meets the needs of aspects of human dignity such as the need for a safe and secure environment, public meeting and communication facilities.

5. Profitable: (Motivation)

Only if the result is rewarding, you’re ready to go beyond familiar structures and enter new terrain to try out new things. We need to be dedicated. Everyone needs to be dedicated. Only then we’ll be able to achieve greater goals.