The founder of China Vanke Co., Ltd. visited Frey Group in Germany

The founder of China Vanke Co., Ltd. visited Frey Group in Germany

On May 14, 2023, Mr. Wolfgang Frei, Chairman of Frey Group, personally received Mr. Wang Shi, founder of China Vanke Co., Ltd. and Mr. Chen Lian, Director of FWTM, at the headquarters of Frey Group in Rieselfeld.

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Mr. Frey had an depth exchange with Mr. Wang Shi and his group about the application of ultra-low energy passive building and zero carbon building technology in the development of China and Germany, and introduced Frey Group's futuristic integrated green low-carbon ecological city construction project in cooperation with Porsche.

The project aims to meet the needs of Porsche's production base and the needs of modern society by combining ecological concepts with economic forms in an innovative way, reducing energy consumption in building operations through passive building design, producing and manufacturing large amounts of renewable energy, and using efficient and flexible energy systems combined with a regional smart grid to achieve near-zero carbon emissions in construction and operation.

Mr. Frey said that Frey Group has always been committed to promoting sustainable development of building planning and the use of renewable energy. The green low-carbon eco-city construction project with Porsche is not only in line with the company's philosophy and values, but also has a positive impact on global environmental protection and climate change. He believes that zero-carbon buildings are the way of the future and that only through continuous innovation and development can we achieve global sustainable development.

Mr. Wang Shi expressed his support for Frey Group's commitment to promote green energy saving and zero carbon buildings in the world, which is a concrete action to promote sustainable development in the world and is also the innovation and commitment of Frey Group. He said that for China, the concept of green and sustainable development has become the direction that must be followed, and he recognized Frey Group's concept and practical experience in ultra-low energy passive building, zero carbon building and zero carbon city planning.

Afterwards, Mr. Frey led the delegation to visit a number of sustainable passive building demonstration projects such as the Green House, Wood House and Pro scholare, which the Group has invested in and built in the green city of Freiburg,Rieselfeld. All these projects are based on Mr. Frey's Five Finger Principle concept, which achieves ultra-low energy consumption and energy-saving building effects. For example, the greening of the building façade can effectively reduce direct sunlight in summer, lower the temperature of the building's exterior surface, regulate the urban microclimate and reduce cooling energy consumption; the roof and balcony parapets use solar photovoltaic panels to convert solar energy into electricity, and diversify the building components at the same time of energy production. Currently the German government is also strongly supporting the development of building photovoltaic integration and renewable energy applications, and these project cases have left a deep impression on the delegation.

The visit has deepened and expanded the exchange between China Vanke Co., Ltd. and Frey Group. The exchange of experiences and concepts in green and energy-efficient buildings and sustainable development between the two sides had a positive impact on the environmental protection and sustainable development of both countries. Mr. Wang Shi expressed his hope that Vanke Group and Frey Group could cooperate more deeply and make more contributions to the sustainable urban development of China and Germany and to the early achievement of the carbon neutral goal of Carbon Neutral. At the same time, Mr. Frey also expressed that he would continue to strengthen his investment and R&D in ultra-low energy buildings and zero carbon city planning and construction, and make his contribution to the global sustainable development.