Mr. Frey Visited Shenzhen Biosphere 3 - Discussion with Mr. Wang Shi, Founder of Vanke Group on Futu

Mr. Frey Visited Shenzhen Biosphere 3 - Discussion with Mr. Wang Shi, Founder of Vanke Group on Futu

Two weeks ago Mr. Wolfgang Frey, Chairman of Frey Group, and Mr. Wang Shi, founder of Vanke Group and deeprock Group, met in Freiburg, Germany, and on May 29 the two sides and their teams gathered again at Vanke International Conference Center in Dameisha, Shenzhen.

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Chairman Wang Shi humorously said, 'It's a little bit not quite German speed to meet with Mr. Frey again in such a short time.' Mr. Frey replied with a smile, 'We are trying to get closer to the Chinese speed.' The symposium exchanged experiences on the development and implementation of ultra-low energy passive buildings, zero carbon building technologies and carbon neutral communities in China, Germany and internationally, and discussed the direction of future cooperation.

Mr. Frey and the group partner, Ms. Wang Jiakun, along with their team, visited the 'Biosphere 3' carbon-neutral community founded by Mr. Wang Sh. Biosphere 3 consists of the transformed former Vanke headquarters, called Vanke Center, and a residential complex in Dameisha, Shenzhen. It has been developed into a 'carbon-neutral community' that integrates office, educational, residential, leisure, and sports facilities. The community focuses on seven key aspects, including clean energy, green building, low-carbon transportation, resource recycling, biodiversity, carbon resource management, and lifestyle promotion. Serving as a comprehensive platform for community carbon-neutral solutions, it offers integrated low-carbon solutions from planning to operation for buildings, parks, and communities. It actively supports the goal of peaking carbon emissions by 2030 and achieving carbon neutrality by 2060, taking responsibility for community carbon neutrality and creating a better living environment. The Biosphere 3 project is divided into three stages, with a comprehensive renovation and microgrid infrastructure construction expected to be completed within four years. Currently, the carbon-neutral experimental park already reaches an 85% share of renewable energy after the completion of the first phase of renovation.


Mr. Wang Shi has always placed great importance on the promotion of green and low-carbon buildings. As one of largest real estate developers in China, Vanke Group began laying the groundwork in the green building industry in the 1990s. Since 2005, Vanke Group's projects have gradually obtained LEED certification, making them one of the first developers in China to achieve this recognition. Their green building projects span various sectors, including residential, commercial office, hotel, and education, injecting the concept of sustainable development into China's urbanization process. Over time, Vanke Group has continuously increased its investment and innovation in the field of green buildings. Under the leadership of Mr. Wang Shi, Deeprock Group has recently signed a memorandum of cooperation with Qingdao Sino-German Ecological Park, further advancing its development in the carbon-neutral track.

Mr. Frey strongly identified with Mr. Wang Shi's perspectives, and the two parties shared a high level of agreement. He was deeply impressed by the accomplishments of Biosphere 3. During the subsequent cooperative exchange meeting, Mr. Frey provided a detailed introduction to the group's practical case studies in promoting ultra-low-energy passive buildings and zero-carbon buildings in the Sino-German context. They discussed the feasibility strategies of passive buildings, particularly in the construction of high-rise buildings in China, as well as the contribution rates of different measures and the cost increments under various energy consumption standards. They also engaged in in-depth and specific discussions on the application of new environmentally friendly and high-performance building materials, including academic research collaborations with several prestigious European and American universities, and shared experiences from implementing on-site projects. As a result, both parties reached a mutual understanding to pursue further collaboration. Seizing this opportunity, they will support each other and accelerate the realization of China's great goal of carbon neutrality.