Passive kindergarten on plot C2-03 of Qingdao Sino-German Ecological Park

Passive kindergarten on plot C2-03 of Qingdao Sino-German Ecological Park

The passive kindergarten in the 03 plot of Qingdao Sino-German Ecological Park is a 9-class kindergarten, including 3 classes for large, middle and small classes, including 20-25 students in small class, 26-30 in middle class, and 31-35 in large class. One of the most important educational supporting facilities in the Ecological Park. The project has now completed the topping of the main body and will meet the national passive ultra-low energy-saving standards after completion.

The project base is located in the C2-03 plot of the Sino-German Ecological Park, with a land area of 6482 square meters and a total construction area of 4750 square meters. It is adjacent to the Tuanhuan Road and the northern ecological green corridor to the north, and Tuanci Road and the football training base to the west. , On the south side is the Bayern Football School, on the east side is a residential area.

The overall architectural style is simple and compact, the main color is gray and white, and the façade of the public space and the partial verandah are supplemented by jumping colors as the highlight of the building. The color area uses a variety of different colors of metal vertical rods to match and harmonize, instead of a single solid color of the whole block, and the light gray-white base tone, which is refreshing, concise, and lively.

The project is a three-story building on the ground, with the partial wall at the west end raised to the fourth floor, which not only echoes the relationship between the building and the intersection of the northwest road, strengthens the image of the main entrance, but also provides a semi-enclosed place for the roof activity venue. Each floor is equipped with three children’s living units, public activity classrooms and corresponding office rooms, etc. The plane layout focuses on a fun space for children’s learning activities:

1. Corridors on all floors

A wider corridor space is set between the rooms on the north and south sides, combined with children’s recreational space and storage space.

2. Through the high atrium

The partial high-height layout of the atrium space, combined with the layout of children's play facilities, breaks the floor's restrictions on space.

3. Blending of indoor and outdoor spaces

On the south side of the main entrance, a 'Xie Xi Cao Slope' is set up, which can directly reach the outdoor game platform on the second floor from the first floor, and then connect to the indoor public activity area on the second floor. Below the 'Xi Xi Cao Slope' is a multi-functional activity room on the first floor. The south side is connected to the colorful corridor, which can directly reach the outdoor activity venues like other classrooms on the first floor. There is also a small outdoor terrace on the northwest corner of the second floor. The classrooms on the third floor have colorful balconies. The indoor and outdoor spaces have realized various connections and interactions.

4. Roof garden

Greening flower ponds and activity venues are set on the roof, partial walls at the west end, stairwells and auxiliary room walls at the north side, and solar photovoltaic scaffolding together create a semi-enclosed courtyard atmosphere and provide a safe and comfortable place for children to play.

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  • Typology:
  • School/educational building

  • Client:
  • Location:
  • Qingdao, China
  • Gross floor area:
  • 47.50 m2