Shanxi Taiyuan Youth Games Sports Exchange Center

Shanxi Taiyuan Youth Games Sports Exchange Center

This project is an integration of multiple functions, such as food & accommodation, information exchange & report, event reception and many other functions. As an essential role in communication and publicity, this project and Red Lantern Stadium are located at two main roads respectively, perfectly complement with each other. The annular enclosure building volume involved of this plan coordinates with the Stadium from afar, emphasizing the sportsmanship “Competition and Communication are equal” of the entire area. However, served for the purpose of communication, this project carries the precious relaxing moments outside games and trainings. Therefore, compared to the sedate image of the Stadium, the annular appearance of this plan is more free and flexible, exhibiting a relaxing and vivid atmosphere. The annular building volume encloses a central garden, aiming to create a public communication environment, which is open to the heart, harmony and natural. The garden directly connects the surrounding public activity areas, the lobby on the ground floor, catering business and seminar space, enabling a thorough combination of all exchange activities and green nature. The upper part of the annular building volume comprises mainly guest rooms, which are elevated on the north side and lower on the south side. The north side is designed with “Windows”, which connect the central garden, together with the layer by layer setback design of the surrounding balconies, exhibiting a terraced landscape to the outside, and better displaying central garden as well as the inner façade of the building to the public.

This plan is based on the design theme of interpreting “Convergence, Continuity, Green”, perfectly exhibiting the connotation and features of the Exchange Center.

1.          “Convergence”—Gathering of the Best

               The curves of the building converge into the ring shape, meaning that the young athletes gather in the same place, working together and advancing hand in hand with each other. Its construction style coordinates with the surrounding buildings, and with the alternating red and white smooth lines on the façade, complementing with the Red Lantern Stadium.

2.          “Continuity”—Cultural Continuity

               This Exchange Center creates the central garden by enclosure design, which improves the quality, and the layer by layer setback design greatly facilitates the communication. This is the main embodiment of the three different cultures of nature, folk cultures and architecture.

3.          “Green”—Green Innovation

               It introduces the design idea of German passive ultra-low energy consumption green building, and combines the local climate characteristics as well as construction traditions, building up the national demonstration project through a variety of design methods (spatial layout, green gardens, shading design, highly-effective thermal insulation, highly-effective ventilation system, etc.) and becoming the new local landmark of energy conservation. It is also hoped that it could plant a seed of green, energy conservation, harmony and innovation for Shanxi Province.

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  • Typology:
  • Commercial building

  • Client:
  • Location:
  • Taiyuan, China
  • Gross floor area:
  • 26,900 m2