Jincheng Nanyang Plaza

Jincheng Nanyang Plaza

After an analysis on the land parcel and environment, this project exemplifies the concepts such as openness and comfortableness and also indicative to a combination of urban public service and regional advantages, thus achieving the interaction among humanity, ecology and natural beauty. According to the general layout plan, building volumes of varied sizes are located with a lively form and scatter on the ground, creating various urban public spaces of different scales, which flexibly fulfills the spatial requirement for various public activities and carries at the same time the pivotal function by means of the gathering of volumes. 

Each single building has a ground plan in the shape of irregular rounded corner polygons, endorsing the unity of different functional volumes and qualifying itself with a larger periphery, the common area between the architecture and the public space, which makes the building more open. With the organic patterns, the buildings are like cobble stones scattering along the riverbank and integrate themselves perfectly with the neighboring water landscape. With equal considerations for the physical health and mental enjoyment, the building plan organizes the different lifestyles of citizens into an organic entireness and covers everyday activities such as sports, gastronomy, entertainment, education, training and exhibition. Citizens can freely choose among a number of activity possibilities provided by the building. An integrated and diversified organization contributes to the improvement of the health condition, broadening of horizons and communication among citizens, which ultimately leads to a social harmony.

The façade is of two-layered structure and from the inside are solid walls inlayed with rectangular windows, which serve the aesthetic as well as functional purposes. The outer layer is U-shaped curtain wall with frosted glass. The two-layered surface covers the building with a soft, smooth and yet changeable outerwear. Together with the change of sunlight and internal lighting within the day, the surface puts on different appearances. At certain demonstrative points, the façade are decorated with transparent glass curtain walls, presenting the internal space and reinforcing a communication with the neighboring space.

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  • Typology:
  • Culture buildings

  • Client:
  • Location:
  • Jingcheng, China
  • Gross floor area:
  • 468.54m2