Ludwigsburg Train Station Area Design

Ludwigsburg Train Station Area Design

The train station area in Ludwigsburg located slightly west to the geographic middle point on the axis of the inner city. It makes this area suitable for taking on the crucial role of transportation hub in terms of overall design and functionality. Thus both the larger buildings of the existing architecture as well as potential new buildings should be evaluated in the overall planning. However, this should not only be considered from an architectural point of view, but should also be planned with functional and electricity generating measures. It is then meaningful to examine the objects and surfaces for installing photovoltaic modules which integrated with the building.

It is worthwhile to install facades and roofs making of glass/glass modules, which will turn the buildings themselves into energy cells. The generated renewable energy can then be directly used for charging both private and public vehicles – a need that exists at the train station.

Different from the frequently used photovoltaic modules attaching outside of the built facades, a kind of photovoltaic module could be used as building material and directly installed as part of the façade. The integrated PV modules fulfill not only the energy need, but also the constructive and artistic functionalities.

The application ranges from balcony railings, glass roofs and shading units to façade cladding. The advantage of integrating photovoltaic modules in the planning phase is that the modules could function as architecture components as part of the building and thereby lower the cost. In terms of design, innovations such as semi-transparent, curved or colored glass modules offer a wide range of application and design options.

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  • Urban Planning

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  • Ludwigsburg, Germany
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