Kubuqi Desert Passive House Experience Center

Kubuqi Desert Passive House Experience Center

It is an innovative and meaningful thing to try passive houses in different climatic zones in China. In this project, the German Frey Construction Group jointly cooperated with Inner Mongolia Yili Group for the first time to design and construct passive houses in the desert areas of Northern China.

Based on the characteristics of Kubuqi's desert climate, this project showcases the high standards of passive buildings combining the main strategies of the passive building scheme to fully adapt to local environmental conditions with:

long and severely cold winters so that reducing heating energy consumption is an important issue for energy conservation;

large temperature differences between day and night in the summer so that one must fully consider shading measures in summer daytime, thus applying natural ventilation during night hours to cool down;

very rich solar energy resources, suitable for installing solar collectors or solar photovoltaic panels;

high wind speeds and frequent sandy weather so that windproof measures are imperative at building entrances, air outlets of fans, etc.

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  • Kubuqi , China
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