Longteng Building

Longteng Building

The project is located in the northeast area of Duilongdeqing District, Lhasa, adjacent to National Road 109 in the north, Tuanjie Road in the east, and the district government office building in the south. The geographical location is very important, and it is an important gateway node for the external display of Duilong Deqing District.

 The project is divided into three parts: high-rise office + podium, library + gym, and archives. The entire spatial layout of the project revolves around the main building of Longteng Building. The east and west sides of the main building are the podium and the library respectively, and the southwest corner is the archives. The layout is reasonable and orderly, which is convenient for management.

design concept

The overall style and shape of the building pursue the combination of history and modernity. The architectural design refers to the traditional Tibetan architectural culture, and analyzes and summarizes the unique Tibetan-style dwellings, Quefang and Diaofang buildings in Tibet. The trapezoidal wall shape with thick bottom and thin top gives people a sense of structural stability; Flat roofs, stone-built exterior walls, and architectural colors with saffron red and white as the main tones finally extracted the design inspiration of the Longteng Building project.

In addition, the main functions and project positioning of the building in the future are considered, office and financial center. Therefore, in terms of the overall architectural style, we still seek a design method that is solemn and majestic without losing the Tibetan culture.

1. Cultural, individual, clear and rational planning structure system

The design comprehensively considers the planning structure, landscape structure, and the unique shaping of the individual style of the building to improve the recognizability of the entire area from space to form. The planning structure emphasizes the rationality of functional zoning.


2. Environmental concept with equal emphasis on hierarchy and homogeneity

Fully considering the integration of artificial and natural, regional and holistic, the concept of environment is placed in an important position, the hierarchy of the environment is clarified, and the uniformity of the environment in the office area is emphasized, in order to create a modern and humanistic space.


3. Satisfy office comfort, safety, durability and economy

Create a modern financial center with reasonable layout, complete functions, convenient transportation and beautiful environment. The office space fully considers various constraints and development requirements, and designs a comprehensive and complete functional space to meet different office requirements.


4. Strengthen the limitation of space field

The north side of the land is adjacent to National Highway 109, and the north side of the building as a whole is the external space, such as the external service hall, library, bank and other financial institutions. The south side of the building emphasizes internal service, so two main lines of internal and external are formed from this. At the same time, the central landscape plaza between the library and the main building of Longteng Building constantly separates the two buildings, which well defines the boundaries and connections of various functional areas.

5. Adhere to the principle of people-oriented and ecological environment protection

Adhere to people-oriented, create a comfortable, beautiful and hygienic working environment, plan land use layout and space organization based on people's requirements, fully consider people's accessibility, convenience and comfort, so as to be people-oriented, serve people, and make citizens Get close to nature and enjoy nature as much as possible with the staff.

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  • Typology:
  • Office

  • Client:
  • Jiangsu Urban Planning and Design Institute
  • Location:
  • Gross floor area:
  • 101687㎡