Students' Dormitory

Students' Dormitory

City Planning

From the perspective of city planning, this new construction can be considered as a reaction to the conditions of land lot and the slender volumes of the adjacent buildings. A clear edge of the building extends and reaches the Rudolf-Stichweg Street. The slenderness of the building benefits the outdoor space by creating a lavish area for the land lot, next to the parking lot and logistical areas.

Rudolf-Stich Road and Ostland Road act not only as a connection from the land lot to the city, but also a contacting area between the new building and the adjacent. With its provision of various staying possibilities and raised beds to be cared by the residents, the contact area becomes a pleasant staying area in the shadows by adjacent buildings, in spite of its tricky location determined by the land lot. Therefrom, the main entrance of the new building can be developed into a possibility of communication with the environment. Owing to the emphasized volume, the main entrance and communications are easily recognized from the street. But an inner yard, which can be seen from windows on a baffle wall, indicates relatively quiet to the main entrance.

Circulation design

An attractive internal ciculation functions like a street and offers possibilities such as meeting, staying and chatting. The play of light and shadow revealing the involvement of the city environment renders the “street” more interesting. Kitchens are confined by windows to the “street”, through which the activities inside are partly public. The width of corridors varies and some enlarged corridors with sofa or plants become a pleasant meeting point.

Function design

 The most of the service facilities are located near the office of the caretaker without damage to the main circulation. 8 .. are peripherally organized and thus accessible from each floor. One of the special areas is on the ground floor, extending until the inner courtyard and another with a large terrace is in the first floor, which possesses the same supporting distances as those of apartments, leaving the future renovation to them possible. 

Façade design

 Different from the southern side, the northern side is a city façade by the Lutter. In this way it conveys a consistent urban appearance like a sculpture. Living rooms and bedrooms are oriented to the south. Staircases, circulation arean and recreation rooms are to the north, integrating itself to the volume. Because of the noise from the federal highway B27, the northern façade is preferably not so open. Noise barriers, a exterior structure to the building, constituting a harmonious view to the city.


Thanks to the relatively compact volume and the orientation to the south, the sought-after energy-efficient goal can be achieved. 

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  • Typology:
  • Residential

  • Client:
  • Wohnungsgenossenschaft eG Göttingen
  • Location:
  • Göttingen, Germany
  • Gross floor area:
  • 7443㎡