Logistics Center

Logistics Center

On a land parcel encompassing approximately 216,000 square meters located in the Chinese City of Taiyuan in the Shanxi Province, a new, multi-functional logistics center will be erected to provide 699,000 square meters of operating space. Among other things, the building complex will house offices, exhibit space and warehouses as well as hotel. A large-scale utilization structure paired with complex, interior developments make this project very unique.

Southern complex 

The southern complex comprises facilities for warehouse space, merchandise presentation, media meetings, events and conferences as well as offices. This part is considered a multi-functional industrial park that offers fresh dynamics and will attract both, Chinese and foreign businesses who will occupy the space. The futuristic architecture gives this rounded building a uniform and seamless appearance.

Given the size of the structure and the complexity of the functional needs, Frey Architekten made sure that the architectural plans first divided the overall structure into different construction phases based on the respective functions. Dedicated court yards and traffic systems exist within the construction zones. “Floating walkways” (connecting bridges) connect the individual buildings. The façade windows emphasize the horizontal layout and underscore the flowing form.

Not only do the walkways connect the different zones; they also offer leeway for a diverse interior design by making available vast areas where employees and visitors can move about or meet. On the higher floors, the connecting bridges also assume the functions of lookout platforms.

Northern complex

The administrative center is located in the northern part of complex. The architecture features rounded off buildings with multi-corner courtyards. The architectural planning focuses on the “green office” philosophy, which imparts a sense of working in the heart of a relaxed, natural setting.

Plants around the building create a garden landscape. The buildings as such also have the appearance of vertical gardens. Zones reserved exclusively for pedestrians can be found on the ground floor, where people can relax and linger.

The office areas on the top floors are nestled into pleasant environments and exterior green zones for relaxation. Decorative plants are flourishing in this garden landscape in their respective seasons so that the ever-changing abundance of natural colors keeps pampering the senses throughout the year.

The concept of changing colors is also evident on the facades. The blinds are painted in a variety of colors. Hence, the colors change depending on the viewing angle and perspective.

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  • Typology:
  • Commercial Buildings

  • Client:
  • Shanxi Transportation Department
  • Location:
  • Taiyuan ,China
  • Gross floor area:
  • 699000㎡