High Tech Center

High Tech Center

Carbon, as one of the most essential elements on the planet, is a basic substance of living creatures. Industrial studies on low-carbon, coal-based, etc., which relate to carbon, are important issues for technology & innovation city. The common feature of various allotropes of carbon molecular structure is the hexagonal shape. This program is developed with this carbon element concept, using hexagon as the motif of building façade, and named as“Carbon Crystal”.

From the perspective of structure, hexagon is a plant form with significant features, and reasonable mechanics. Low-carbon passive house can be achieved through this beehive-likely structure, by maximally gain the natural lighting and ventilation in limited building space.

In this case, the bulk of the multi-story buildings are distributed linearly along with the hexagonal border system, showing in a twisty way with the form of multiple layers. Several low-story buildings, with large space, are semi-closed from the back by those multi-story buildings. The main courtyard is located in the centre of building complex, not only making all surrounding buildings  can access to inner large green space, but also breaking the transport barrier between huge size buildings. Besides, a broad business district obliquely crosses through the main courtyard, connecting south nature landscape belt with northeast main road, as a function of leading people from all directions to different parts of building, and also reaching the need of fire exits.

Both in the west and north, where buildings are facing with two main streets, are set up with a set of essential functions, such as government & financial halls and conference centers, respectively. In contrast, innovation & business service platform and book centre are located at relative quite area, away from the main road. Specifically, the innovation & business service platform consists of two towers, is the highest part in this building complex. What worth to be mentioned, the units of this service platform are organized in the form of cyclic groups, as the optimal option to maximally meet functions of  innovation & business service platform. This result is based on seriously study on the relationship between office, lab and social space in such kind of buildings.

The grid for this building complex is with basic modulus of 1.5m and office space with length of 16.5m, which precisely meet the requirement of underground garage in hexagonal grid system. Furthermore, it provides a variety of office layout mode as long as the length is reasonable, E.g. no matter in open office space, closed office space, or mixed operating mode, all can be achieved, ensuring the flexibility of different function settings.

The electron in integrated circuits is an epitome of technological era, and is also a symbol to the power of science and remarkable progress in the past several decades. For façade, there are two different width shading façade modules, according to different inner façade functions.  Those two façades, together with the white solid walls, show a strong contrast in three different colors, which is kind of an abstractive simulation of integrated circuits, to illustrate high-tech building properties like, high-speed, simple, sharp and dynamic.

Technical Details

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  • Typology:
  • Research facilities

  • Client:
  • Provinzregierung von Shanxi
  • Location:
  • Shanxi,China
  • Gross floor area:
  • 156680㎡