Residential Community, Yuncheng, Shandong

Residential Community, Yuncheng, Shandong

Based on the primary concept of this project was designed by Shanghai Lin Tongyan& Li Guohao Engineering Office, our party provided consulting service of low-energy passive house both on plan and design, developed a systematic, practicable, and pertinent development concept, aims to create a Sina-Germany model sustainable community.


The project with total area of 134,827 square meters, volume ratio around 2.5, planned to build a capital commercial central in Yuncheng and a top-class sustainable community.



Main work


1.    Project Development Concept Promotion

    Develop a systematic, practicable, and pertinent development concept with aim of creating a Sina-Germany model sustainable community, based on the concept designed by L&L Office.

2.       Land Value Evaluation

        Base on objective conditions of base itself and the surroundings, reasonably divide planning land. Then according to conditions such as landscape, noise, transportation, sunshine condition, commercial atmosphere, alternation difficulty, etc. of each land part making a value assessment.

3.       Optimizing Project Design and Plan

        Base on the concept design by L&L Office and also combine with construction purpose, developing unique and valuable suggestions.

1)      Assessment of reasonability of function layout

2)      Suggestions on optimizing the effects of planning on urban space

3)      Assessment of reasonability of traffic flows, include all kinds of streamlines, vehicles and pedestrians diversion, green         travel, walking radius and so on

4)      Assessment of reasonability of the size and location of community infrastructure

5)      Suggestions on utilization and development of landscape

6)      Project whole value assessment, and developing suggestions on project promotion

7)      Suggestions on concept and details of planning, e.g. introduction of elder-friendly design and detail instructions

4.       Commercial Design Promotion

1)   According to demand of consumer groups both in the base area and surrounding areas, developing  suggestions on optimizing commercial functions and their arrangement

2)      Suggestions on project space atmosphere promotion

3)      Measurements and suggestions on project commercial value promotion

5.       Green-Eco-Technologies

1)     Develop an unique sustainable development plan by using markable practice experience in the whole process of              sustainable investment, planning, construction, operation, etc. in Germany

2)      Give options and suggestions on perfect combination of green-techs implementation and building aesthetics

3)     Recommend appropriate green technologies and measurements base on the existing plan. Give pertinent suggestions on public infrastructure promotion like highlighting commercial area, school and community service alternation  

4)    Point out and delicate the disadvantages of existing plan on green-techs implementation, and also provide promotion suggestions

5)      Evaluate green-techs implementation cost increase and give innovative investment suggestions on techs implementation cost reduction

6)       Project plan assessment on passive house energy consumption, include simulation, etc. and give promotion advice

6.       Community Sustainable Details Assessment and Suggestions

7.       Existing Plan Whole Value Evaluation and Advice

        Communicate with designer as consultant of Party A for continuous technical discussion.

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  • Typology:
  • Office-/administration buildings

  • Client:
  • Shandong Qingdao Zhongzheng Engineering Project Management Co., Ltd.
  • Location:
  • Shandong,China
  • Gross floor area:
  • 421599㎡