Jianshe Road Complex

Jianshe Road Complex

The project is located at a land that both southern and northern sides are quite long and narrow. Because of influence from railway on east side and road construction on west side, it is planned to become a boundary between those two parts by fully use the land. furthermore, the building was divided into three parts through partition, avoided long facade to bring a sense of closure and pressure. The bottom floor in northern building was provoked partly, proved a special outdoor public space at the crossroad of Shuangta Si Street and Jianshe Nan Street. The first and second floors in the shape of body echoed the northerly inclined line, and can be rented out separately as commercial  spaces.

Tower´s 3rd to 15th floors are all office areas, flexible and separable open office spaces are remarkably created under extremely intensive space use condition. One side of both vertical transport centers has setup multilayer-high green atrium, and through clear glass people can enjoy city sighting while talking  and relaxing. At space where  are inconvenient for usage on northern building, a public sightseeing platform was built for all citizens. People can reach 40 meter high or 60 meter high two sightseeing platforms directly from north small square via non-stop elevator, and to platforms´east, the famous YongZuo Temple comes into view. For people on the street and in the building, this open area likes a viewfinder make the hole itself blends into the surrounding scenery, views changes with different perspectives.

 On the one hand, the building facade design needs to consider in landmark significance, mainly through people flow and the fast-moving car or train flows. It emphasizes the dynamic image of architecture. On the other hand,  double glazing system was established in consider of east side noise and west side sun lighting.

Double grazing has significant ecological energy conservation function. Through opening design in different positions on the external wall, double grazing has natural ventilation, making cold and hot air can exchange and finally achieve heat insulation. Besides, the application of  window position design and special glass material block sunlight in summer, absorb sunlight in winter, to meet the goal of creating a comfortable working environment.

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  • Typology:
  • Commercial Buildings

  • Client:
  • Taiyuan Municipal Government
  • Location:
  • Taiyuan ,China
  • Gross floor area:
  • 34836㎡