Jingzhong Residential Complex

Jingzhong Residential Complex

This project is being realized based on the Chinese urban development motto “Building of Beautiful Villages.” It calls for a general overhaul and in some cases the new construction of existing villages whose existing buildings are in bad structural condition and who are lacking key infrastructure.

Featuring British-style architecture, the “Baicaopo” Residential Quarter is located in Yuci District of Yuci of Jinzhong. Close to downtown, this quarter will offer ecological, premium quality housing. The location and landscapes in the construction area are diverse: From the west to the east, the land is sloped and surrounded by fields as well as mountains. Valleys and mountain ranges are visible to the east, which give the area all of the hallmarks of a natural resort-like setting.

This residential quarter is a real estate project that encompasses other aspects and a diverse range of interests. One objective is to guarantee the maximum real estate value to the builder; on the other hand it has to reflect the value vision and uniqueness of the architectural planning. The quarter offers a perfect blend of nature and European flair.

It comprises the following classifications:

1. Premium quarter: In this part of the quarter, duplexes with residence offering 420 m2 of living space each as well as single family villas offering approximately 800 m2 of residential space will be built. In the premium quarter, the existing geographic locations and landscapes will be reused and the green zones will be expanded. As a result, the residential density will be reduced, which in turn will maximize the property values.

2. Middle class quarter: Single-family homes with gardens as well as row houses will be built here. This quarter will provide the greatest capacity of residential space.

3. Community housing: Multi-story residential complexes will be built in this area to accommodate the demand for resettlement housing. Although the residential density will be higher, large-scale green zones between the groups of houses will compensate for this fact. The layout of the roads and the placement of the houses will be adapted to the properties of the terrain.

The general objective is to modify the original landscapes as little as possible. The location and orientation of all houses will be optimized to the extent necessary to always offer beautiful views of the surrounding area.

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  • Typology:
  • Urban Planning

  • Client:
  • Location:
  • Jinzhong,China
  • Gross floor area:
  • 100000㎡