Hetai Ziyuan Complex

Hetai Ziyuan Complex

The Hetai Ziyuan building complex is located in the new Longcheng Quarter of the City of Taiyuan, right by the main traffic hub. Line 2 underground railway station Zhongxinjie West can be found in the immediate proximity. The complex is just 4.5 km from the southern railways station Taiyuan and only 6.5 km from the Wusu Airport. Hence, this complex boasts ideal traffic connections.

The vision the architectural planning is based upon is an analysis of the functions of the individual buildings. The goal of the commercial functions is to integrate the entire building complex. An S-shaped downstream pedestrian zone runs from the south to the north where it grants access to a half-open plaza, which is the main shopping mile within the building complex. In the east, the shopping street borders on the main traffic hub. The spacious roofs of the office buildings offer penthouse residents a separate private space.

The so-called “hallway tree” breaks with the tradition that limits the functions of a hallway to the connection of the rooms on the same floor. Several of these hallway trees connect the rooms in the basement and top floors throughout the entire building complex, which makes the entire structure come alive.

The office buildings located in the northeast are the focal points of the entire building complex. They are reminiscent of leaves sprouting straight from the ground and symbolize the force of life and evolution. Around sunset, the interior lighting illuminates them. As a result, they create the image of a tree in the sky that baths the residents in light from above.

The “lines” running through the leaves are composed of solar collectors. On the one hand, they deliver an interesting interplay of light and shadows on the public areas on the top floor; on the other hand, they store the warmth of the sun and collect rainwater. 
They are – in every sense of the word – the fruit of intelligent technology and architecture.

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  • Typology:
  • Commercial Buildings

  • Client:
  • Shanxi Hetai Properties Ltd.
  • Location:
  • Taiyuan ,China
  • Gross floor area:
  • 280400㎡