Taiyuan No. 60 Middle School

Taiyuan No. 60 Middle School

The design of the building layout takes inspiration from the concept “under the wing”. It is our wish that the students, the protagonist in the school, can be like fledglings to grow and learn in a quiet and protected environment deprived of unnecessary distractions from the outside, before they spread their wings. In line of this idea, the building plane adopts a polygonal linear layout: with a structure consisting of two enclosing wings, the volume is divided into two semi-enclosed courtyards that are respectively the junior high school and senior high school and presents itself with a shape like the Chinese character “弓”.

The main east-west axis mentioned in the building plan crosses directly the centerline of the teaching building, dividing the building into two areas for the junior and senior high school respectively and thus benefiting the construction by stages. In the central area intersected by the main vertical axis and the teaching building, an auditorium and a library are located, which constitute the core contents of intellectual activities on the campus. A lecture room, the main body of the auditorium, is situated in a semi-basement, whose naturally inclined rooftop can serve as a large green staircase in the courtyard in the center of campus. Belted volumes extend further from this characteristically featured location.

The façade echoes and works in concert with the graphic elements on the layout: a twisted upward structure framed by broken line contributes to the main content of the façade. In this way, design motifs on the layout and the façade become cohesive. Green wallboards inlayed irregularly along the belt of dark windows bring freshness and vividness to the design. 

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  • Typology:
  • School-/educational facilities

  • Client:
  • Taiyuan No.60 Middle School
  • Location:
  • Taiyuan ,China
  • Gross floor area:
  • 17200㎡