Jinshangu Innovation Park A-19

Jinshangu Innovation Park A-19

The project as one out of eight international sustainable low-energy buildings is located on the central landscape axis of Jinshangu Innovation Park, Panyu district, Guangzhou. It consists of 5 overground floors and 1 underground floor in height limit of 24 meters.  The east and south sides of building are south-north and east-west landscape axises of the Innovation Park, respectively.  

This project was undertook by design principles of EnEv German Building Energy Consumption Regulars and DGNB German Sustainable Development System, aims to establish a green office building that is low-energy, low carbon, efficient, comfortable, and with international advanced technologies and also German characteristics. In order to obtain the most cost-effective office spaces and attractive common area, working outside model was carried out to maximally increase natural lighting area and create high efficient work flow. The office building is based on whole building or individual floor those two types sale and renting modes, arranged reasonably by considering in factors like functions, sound insulation, flow and so on.

Sealed heat insulation and low-energy external structure is crucial in German passive building. It includes proper measure applications in walls, door and window materials, shading, ventilation, and so on. In this project design, we used different measures in terms of different natural environment (e.g. solar radiation, solar elevation angle, wind direction, wind speed, precipitation, and so on) will lead to different influences on building facade, in order to minimize building energy consumption.

Office building flow was aimed to be efficient and simple. In northern building, there is a main office entrance at the west side, and a main commercial entrance at the east side, similarly, in southern building, there are office and commercial sub entrances on two sides, respectively. The inner connected corridor was set up around ecological patio, becoming the horizontal transport bridge connected all office areas. The stairs and sightseeing elevators on both east and west sides of building are mainly vertical transport tools.

Low-carbon and low-energy are the key focuses of this project. There three steps were followed in this project: first, minimize building energy consumption by application in intelligent sustainable maintenance structure; secondly, further reduce in energy consumption and improve office space comfortability by application of low-energy consumption equipments; thirdly, create a low-carbon, sustainable new office building through recycling and reusing clear energy.

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  • Typology:
  • Office-/administration Buildings

  • Client:
  • China Merchants Property Development Co. Ltd
  • Location:
  • Guangzhou,China
  • Gross floor area:
  • 5500㎡